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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well hello there...

Yes I am still around. =)
I have fell behind at updating my blog for a few weeks so I thought I would pop in to let everyone know what has been going on. Well, first let me start out by saying that I am getting old..or have gotten old....I hit the BIG 3-0 on September 15th...thats right...I am not 30 years old. Wow....I still can't believe it. Time sure does fly, I should have listened better when they told me that in my Oh well, I just feel very blessed to still be here and have such a wonderful family and friends, you couldn't ask for more. Plus, my hubby and my sister made sure I got exactly what I asked for on my birthday....margaritas and guacamole dip!!!! Pictures will be was one great birthday.

Aside from that, I somehow hurt my shoulder. It started hurting a little the night before my birthday. The next morning when I got up, it was hurting me so bad that I thought I had slept the wrong way and it would go away within a few hours to a day at the is now four days later and it hurts so bad that sometimes all I can do is cry. I have had to take some pain pills for the pain sometimes and I have had to sleep sitting up for the past two nights because it is to painful to lay down. I can barely turn my head to the side. Sharp pains shoot up into my head, it has my ear hurting and it even hurts my jaw if I open my mouth to wide. I don't know whether I pulled a muscle or if I have something out of place or what, but I am hoping that it heals soon because I am in misery. When I got up this morning it felt alot better, but I helped my sister move today and it is killing me agian tonight. I bet I don't sleep agian tonight for nothing. I am so exhausted too. Oh well, enough bitching....gotta suck it up. Thats pretty much all that has been going on here. I haven't had time to do any youtube videos recently because I just have felt like shit for the past couple weeks....not sure what is going on with me. Hopefully with the beginning of October things will start to feel better for me and I will be in a better mood. Fall time always makes me smile!! =) Thats about it folks....have a great night and I will blog atcha agian soon.

Pics from my birthday!

(Presents from my sister)

(We're Friends!)

(Me....I feel so good!)

(My sister trying to drink out of a kids straw)

(Oh this looks so good!)

(Mine all MINE!)

(Me and sis)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Perfect Nude Nailpolish

If your like me and you love the effect of "Nude" looking nails, (I just think it looks so classy on women) then I have found the PERFECT color nailpolish to create that look! There might be a better one out there, but this is the one I have found and I am totally madly inlove with it! I think it deffo makes the perfect nude nail with a shine. The best part? It's CHEAP!!! Only $1.00 at your Dollar Tree, King Dollar, or any 99 Cent stores! You can also buy this at amoung other places on the internet I am sure. Just GOOGLE or BING it. The brand is LA Colors. This color is called "Mega Watt" and it is from their Color Craze Collection.

Here are some pictures.
As always, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.