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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kleancolor Nailpolishes

Okay I have no idea why you do not see more of these polishes talked about around the beauty communities. They are amazing! IMO they are better than any China Glaze polish or Essie polish *and yes, I do own both brands*. Not only are the color choices beautiful and some of the most unique that I have ever seen, but they are incredibly inexpensive and usually one coat leaves you with the perfect opaque color!

Kleancolor nailpolishes can be bought at a few different places:

Beauty Supply Stores in your area

And I'm sure there are many more places as well. If you know of any additional places that they can be purchased, please leave a comment under this post so that others can also get that information! Thanks!!

Anyway, the next time you see a Kleancolors nailpolish and think that just because it is way to inexpensive to be a good polish *normally only $1.oo!*, think again! They are amazing..but I'll leave you with some pictures of my nails that I used Kleancolor polishes on and let you be the judge.

This is Kleancolor METALLIC GREEN!
*and of course two Sinful Colors polishes, one in 24/7 which is the hot pink and the green glitter one is in the color Green Ocean*

This is probubly now one of my favorite Kleancolor polishes.
I get so many people telling me how pretty and sparkly my nails are when I wear this one! Plus it is such a delicate girlie color and how can you go wrong with that?! This color is LILAC SPARK!

The pic below is of Kleancolor METALLIC FUSHIA *this was my second Kleancolor I became obsessed with*with Kleancolor AUROA glitter over the accent nail.

This is my daughter's little piggies lol She has on all Kleancolor polishes. Metallic Green, Lilac Spark, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Orange & Purple Velvet.

The last two pictures here are of my first Kleancolor polish. I bought it off of Amazon for under $2.00. I became obsessed with getting it after I saw the color of it in some google images. This is Kleancolor polish in METALLIC WHITE!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Updated: My Favorite Android Apps

Hey everyone! Hope your Sunday was a fun day filled with many blessings! Today was a semi productive day for me and the rest of the day was a fun day. I got the house back in order today and then managed to make out the grocery list and menu for shopping tomorrow evening. The rest of the afternoon we took the kids to spend their allowance and then I came home and made homemade personal pan pizzas for dinner and we enjoyed eating those while watching numerous episodes of Peppa Pig, Pocoyo, and Dora the Explorer. Fun Sunday!

Now on to what this blog post is supposed to be favorite Android apps! Just for the record once again, I do have an Android phone. It's an HTC Incredible. All of the apps I'm going to mention are FREE apps because I do not trust the market enough to actually give my credit card info to pay for an app. Not only that but most paid apps you can just get for free by going to and typing in the exact name of the app and then putting .apk after the name and searching it. Then download it and vola, it's yours..FREE!

I'm going to start doing blog posts on this topic instead of videos which I have did in the past on my channel because my new camera doesn't focus in and show my phone screen as well as my old camera did so it would just almost pointless for me to waste your time with a video about something that you could hardly see. So, I'll just do blog posts on my favorite apps about once every four to six months or so.

With all that being said, here we go....I hope you all enjoy and please leave me a comment telling me what your favorite apps are as well!

1. Camera 360: This app is of course my number one because it is just an amazing camera app, especially if your into taking pictures. I use this app *and only this app, despite what some may "assume" they know* for all of my pictures that I take of my makeup. I use the filter called Magic Skin. There are numerous other filters on this app that you can apply to your pictures like LOMO, RETRO, HDR, Enhance, Tilt Shift and many more. There are even a few fun filters like add a ghost to your picture, or a filter to where you can give yourself a big head. All in all I say IMO this is a must have app!

2. Keek: I love this app alot. I actually found this on a whim one day and decided to try it out and now it is an app that I will always have on my phone. Basically what it is, is an app that is a cross between youtube and instagram. You can record 36 second videos for your followers to watch. They of course can be about anything. I love using this app for random things like posting vids on cute things I see in the stores, or driving or foods that I'm eating or making, upcoming videos on my channels etc. Your followers can like the videos and also leave you comments under them. They can also record their own videos in response to one of your videos and that is called Keek back. It's just a reallyl fun handy app to stay in touch with all your friends. If you download it, search my name, MissVeronyka on there and follow me and I'll follow you back!

3. Add Watermark Free: This app is wonderful to have for anyone wanting to watermark their pictures. It has many settings, fonts etc and I love it.

4. Call Recorder: A great app to record phone calls. I have actually used this in the past. It comes in very handy if your wanting to keep a record of a important conversation or anything like that. You can record the other person talking and yourself talking and then save it on your phone. It works great and the quality of the recording is actually pretty good.

5. DroidIris: This is my favorite app to get all my wallpapers for my phone. It is basically a search engine that lets you type in what you want and you can search many search engines for images that relate to what you typed in. This app never fails to give me beautiful wallpapers!

6. Funny Videos: This is an app that I have had on my phone for quite sometime and I don't ever see myself taking it off. It keeps me sane when I am There are tons of videos on this app, all from youtube, that users put on here. There are more than just funny videos, there are serious ones, hilarious ones, scary videos..just any kind of videos you can imagine that you would have a hard time weeding through the crap ones on youtube to find, well they are easy to find on here! Highly recommend this app if nothing but for something to do in your down time.

7. Google Reader: Love this app! Lets you read all your blog subscriptions and sites and more in one app.

8. History Eraser: A MUST HAVE! This app erases browser history, old phone calls, text messages, app cache, alot of stuff with just the touch of a button. Keeps your phone clean and running smooth.

9. Recipe Search: I have had so many recipe apps on my phone over the course of the last eight months or so and I have always ended up uninstalling them but this app has been on my phone from the very beginning and I have gotten so many wonderful easy recipes from this app. Some of which, I have made cooking videos on! So try this app out if your looking for some good recipes!

10. Scanner Radio: Love this! You can listen to all the police scanners, fire and rescue services in your area and any other state!

11. Simple Weight Recorder: I love this app to keep record of my weighins every day. It is simple, doesn't take up that much space on your phone and helps you remember what you weighed yesterday or two months ago. I really like it.

12. SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump: This app is a launcher panel overlay. I would be lost without it! With a single swipe of your finger, you can launch anything from within any app! You don't have to always go back to your home screen to launch a new app if your already in another app. There is no way I could do without this app now. I love it. And always a big plus for me, it doesn't require alot of space on your phone.

13. The Twilight Saga Collection: This has all of the twilight books in one app! Thats right, you heard me correctly! So, if you have never read them *shame on you!* you could download this app and have all four books at your fingertips. Stephanie Meyers book The Host is also included in this app and the short story of Edward's point of view in the first Twilight book called Midnight Sun is also included, how can you go wrong!

Ok everyone, that is it for this updated favorite apps. 13 sounds like a great number to stop Now before I go, I just want to let you all know about three youtubers that I watch who make videos on android apps. These three guys are the best IMO of course out of all that I have ever watched *and I have watched many*. They review apps for you and show you how to work them, let you know which are the best and which you might find useful and so much more. So on the closing note, I will leave you with the links to their channels so you can go sub if you choose to. Hope your Monday is blessed! xoxo, Vee

3 Great Android App Reviewers on Youtube: *he is my favorite!*



Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Facebook Page for my Channel!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted a blog in a couple days. I promise, one is coming tomorrow for sure. However, I wanted to post here as well as on my channel and let you, my readers know that I have made a new facebook page for my channel. I hope that you all will come over and join me there! It is not a fan page so you will not actually be liking the page, it is a regular facebook page so just send me a friend request and I will approve you. It is an open wall, so feel free to chat and post amoung yourselves! The link is below!

MissVeronyka's Facebook page:

Monday, August 20, 2012


I just wanted to apologize for not posting the last two days. I've been so busy and just not feeling the best. Had to take my son to the dentist today and I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday. Tomorrow, I should be able to get a good post up. I really wanna do a post on Kleancolor nailpolishes because they are so amazing and very under rated. I also wanna do a post on Witch hazel. It has done wonders for my skin the past couple of months, and I touched on that a little bit in my latest video July/August 2012 Favorites but want to go into more detail about all it has done for me. It's just an amazing product. So, I'm banking on tomorrows post to be one of those but ya never know, I change my mind a lot so I could see something else tomorrow that inspires me to do a post on so just gotta wait and see. In the meantime I wanna thank each and everyone of you for following my blog and just being a part of my life in this way. Night night...


Friday, August 17, 2012

My Favorite Youtubers!

TGIF!!! For tonight's blog post I figured I would share some love! Love is a beautiful thing and there should be a lot more of it in the world. I can't change the whole world but I can do my part so I'm gonna share some good ol' luvins tonight and let you all know who I enjoy watching on youtube and a little bit about their channel. Now, keep in mind that I do not subscribe to just anyone. I really have to like someone's videos before I sub to them so if I'm subbed to you then you definitely know that I really enjoy watching you! If I mention you below then you know that I really really REALLY enjoy watching you...haha! Also, your not going to see any really well known youtubers on this list. I don't really watch to many of those. I prefer to watch other gals like me who are REAL and down to earth. Ok here we go! Go sub to these gals, you won't be disappointed!!

These are in no particular order. I'm basically posting them from my subscription list in the order I come to them. So they aren't listed as my most favorite to least favorite or anything like that.

30plussome ( I love Melissa! She has such a great personality and she is so funny! I love her taste and her reviews are amazing. She touches on everything you could possibly ever want to know about a particular product before you buy it. I never have any unanswered questions after I watch one of her reviews.

3140babygirl ( Jamie is another one of my recent favorites. I have been subbed to her for about four months now and I love her to death. She has a fun sense of style and a great personality. She is so easy to get along with and such a sweet gal. There is nothing bad to say about her. She does amazing nail designs and I love to watch her hauls, she buys some of the cutest things, I always wanna go shopping after watching her!

5MELLOWMAIDENS ( This is a collab channel run by Jamie (#2) featuring her and 4 other girls. They do a wide range of videos, a video every day, from diy videos to makeup tutorials, to hauls, to hometown many fun videos!

beautymakeupandmore ( Laurie Ann is another gal that I adore watching! She is so sweet and one of the most down to earth people I have ever seen. She will tell it like it is and I love that about her. Her videos are so fun to watch. She does hauls, makeup tutorials, nail tutorials, OOTD videos and so many more!

CooLoserTech ( if you have an android phone then you need to be subbed to this guy! He does awesome reviews on android apps that are on the market. I have found so many apps by watching his videos that I love.

GabriellaGlamour215 ( This girl is gorgeous! She is so so sweet and her makeup tutorials are above amazing!!

happilyeverafter99 ( Abby is one of my favorites to watch! What a sweet girl! She does amazing nail tutorials and her makeup tutorials are beautiful! Love watching her hauls to because she does monthly hauls sometimes so there are lots of goodies to see!

Heaven1279 ( love love this girl! She does great reviews, makeup tutorials, giveaways, cooking videos and more! She also gets alot of the monthly subscriptions to the glam bags and other things like that so if you are ever curious as to what those programs are before you subscribe to them then her videos are great to watch for that! Just an all around great girl.

LadyGlamazelle ( WOW! This gal is one of my top favs to watch. She is a sweetheart. Love her personality and her makeup skills are just top notch! She works in the makeup field so her skills are really great. She also does a variety of videos besides makeup tutorials so check her out!

LittleKiva ( Okay I know I said I wasn't going to include any really popular youtubers but I can't not include this gal. She is sooo amazing! She is not like most of the other more well known beauty gurus. This girl really knows her stuff and all I'm gonna say is that if you don't sub to her then your missing out because she is not only gorgeous but her makeup tutorials are out of this world!

RebelGlam ( Just found this girl a couple weeks ago and I already adore her videos! She is great at makeup and does great diy beauty recipe videos and so much more!

Sharlene465 ( How could I not include a sweet friend of mine! I actually met Sharlene through youtube. She was one or is one of my subbies and come to find out only lived ten minutes from me so we met a few months back and have been friends ever since. She is such a sweetheart, and has amazing taste in clothes, makeup and decor...check her out!

Okay, thats it for now. This is not everyone I'm subbed to but these are some of my most favorite to watch. I hope you all check them out and subscribe to them, I know you won't be disappointed! I'll do another blog posting like this in the future. If you would like for me to shoutout your channel or blog in the next posting like this just leave me a comment under this post with your link and I'll be glad to do that for you! Well, that's it for me, time to get the kiddos in bed and relax and unwind some before I go to dreamland. Hope your Friday night is relaxing and your weekend is blessed and all you would want it to be!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lions, Tigers & Spiders?? Oh My!

Well today was not such a fun day :( My little prince was apparently bitten by what we now think was a wolf spider (very scary looking & aggressive but not life threatening) and he had a bad reaction to the bites. One was on the top of his foot, the other was on the backside of his ankle on the same foot. The area got really red and started to spread. Although he was acting fine and the bite areas were not painful, it still scared me to death and I immediately made an appointment with his pedi today.

I'm happy to report now that both areas are starting to look a lot better. The doctor told me to give him children's Zyrtec at bedtime and just put hydrocortizone (*sp?) on the areas, which I was already doing. I'm so happy to see that he is going to be ok. It is not fun when our little ones feel bad or are in pain or have something like that happen to them.

Anyway, I'll talk to you all tomorrow. It's Friday!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starting fresh & new....again...

I have been so out of the loop the past few months. Something came up three months ago, which I am unable to really talk about, that I started working on and putting most of my attention to and besides family life, I pretty much put everything else on the back channel, my weightloss, all of it. So, today I am getting back at it. This time I really want to focus on changing all aspects of my life and not just a few things. Of course I wanna get the weightloss going again but I also wanna continue to work in the inner me. I still have a lot of work there to do for sure! I also wanna focus on getting a better routine & schedule worked out for our family. I work better from schedules. I found some great ones to print off on Pinterest today. You can search MissVeronyka on Pinterest and find them in my folder labeled "Lists & Schedules". Once I settle into a schedule and routine mostly with the kids throughout the week, then I will ne doing an extensive video on it about the parts that I found helpful and worked for me and then what didn't work out so well. So, that all being said I'm sure you all will understand if the videos are still at a minimum for awhile. It is my hope that when I can start making videos regularly again that the change in not only my outward appearance will be different but also you all will be able to see the change within myself as well and maybe I can inspire others to do the same. Let's face it, every single one of us needs to work on something in our life. Anyway, guess that's all for today. I'll talk to you all again soon!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Omg this can't be real??!!!

NASA have stated that an event in which a large object known as K3-ZED smashed into the gas giant Jupiter, has dislodged one of the planets moons from its orbit around the planet.

In a press conference given to select journalist a spokesman named Walt Gaines described the event and the possible scenarios that may pan out over the coming months or years.

He said: "Several months ago an object NASA named K3-ZED hurtled into the surface of Jupiter causing a seismic disturbance of gigantic proportions," he went on: "NASA have monitored the event and recently found some frightening statistics and information regarding the event."

Apparently when the object hit the surface of Jupiter an enormous plume of gas was expelled in the direction of one of the planets moons which sparked an explosion. Similar to that of a gas explosion seen here on Earth but in "cosmic proportions", the spokesman explained.

One French reporter interrupted the NASA official and asked if the gas explosion had caused any physical scarring on Jupiter and if so, is there any pictures for the press. Mr. Gaines then stooped to speak to another NASA official who was sat behind him and there was a moment of silence.

Mr. Gaines then came back to his position in front of the press and said: "There are many pictures that will be made available within the next few days of the event and the consequent aftermath. It is that aftermath that NASA is monitoring very carefully at the moment."

The spokesman continued: "NASA have found that one of the larger moons which they are not disclosing just yet has been forced off its trajectory by quite a great distance sending the moon careering into our Solar System."

"What I can tell you is that this moon is not one of the smaller moons, NASA is saying this moon is over 3000km in diameter."

There was another moment of silence as the spokesman composed himself and took a deep breath.

He then stated: "The current situation is that this celestial body is moving at a high speed having been caught in the gravitational pull of our sun. The trajectory of this moon will take it on a course that will pass very closely to our moon." He continued: "NASA have come back with several mathematical scenarios and all of them point to this event actually passing the moon so closely that it is believed that we could see a collision of some form."

There was a moment of reaction in the room as journalists jostled for answers to their questions, one reporter asking: "How long are we looking at, and what will the likely outcome be here on Earth?"

The spokesman gave this answer: "NASA simply does not know, but we could be looking at large scale damage of our moon, if not a full on collision. NASA speculates that if this is to happen then the ramifications here on Earth would be disastrous to say the least. What we are looking at here is a global disaster like nothing seen since the time of the great extinction, which is one possible scenario."

"We are looking at a time frame of between three and a half to four years."

One Mexican journalist named Juan shouted from the back of the room: "Is this Nibiru?"

Mr. Gaines replied: "It certainly does closely tie in with the 'Mayan Calendar' year of 2012, but to speculate over Nibiru is absurd - you could say it is purely a coincidence."

"We must take stock of what is happening and begin to prepare for an event that will change our planet forever. More information will follow within a few days; I thank you for your time and patience."

And with that Mr. Gaines left the room with reporters demanding more answers.

This story will update.

This story is fiction....not real....but that's not the point. The point us, how did it make you feel? What if this were real? To think that something like this couldn't happen is ludicrous...our planet is no better than the rest. We are all just giant balls flying through an endless blackness just praying that we don't run into something else or vice versa. When I first read this I'll be honest, I did believe it. It scared the shit outta me. The thought of not seeing my babies grow up & thinking of what an end they would have to endure because of a scenario like this was almost to much to bear for me and I did start to feel physically ill. However, I got an immediate rush of relief, elation, and gratefulness after reading that the article was infact just a short story and I felt so happy in that moment almost like I really had been given a second chance at life. My whole point of doing a blog post on this was to express just how sad it is that it takes something like this to make us think its all being taken away before we really start to appreciate and think about the things in our life that really matter. That's just wrong, but it is my hope that this was just as much of a wake-up call for you as it was for me. Now go hug your loved ones and tell them how much you love them....I did.

Paranormal Witness

Ok who has seen this show? I am watching it right now. Apparently the new season started last week. It's on the SyFy channel. Right now they are talking about the Entity case. Everyone remember that movie? Yeah, I saw it back in the day and it scared the pants off me. Seeing this show feature her story years later still has the same effect on me. I could never imagine being put through such torment on a daily basis by something that you could not see to fight back! It's just so crazy when you try and wrap your brain around the weirder things in life. I know some of you reading this may not believe in such things and its not my job nor do I want it to be my job to try and convince you. However, just remember one thing, just because you don't believe in something or are in denial about something doesn't mean it doesn't exist or is any less of truth.

Next weeks episode looks equally menacing so I'll set my DVR! For those of you who have seen this show let me know your thoughts on it. Also, let me know what your favorite paranormal shows are!

Would also love to hear of any real life paranormal encounters you may have had! Maybe, I'll even share some of mine in a very near future blog post. Afterall, Halloween is upon favorite holiday!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some of my fav wallpapers...

Thought I would share a few of my favorite wallpapers for my phone. I am actually posting this blog from my phone using the Blogger app so we will see how it goes. I will be doing an updated favorite apps video soon on my channel so if that's something your into be on the lookout for that. If your not a subscriber to my YouTube channel & you would like to be, you can find my channel here:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Amazing Sunset...

I just had to share these photos of another amazing sunset we had here yesterday evening. So blessed to be able to see and experience these types of things. It's the little things that are remembered the most.

REVIEW: Goo Gone


An oil based cleaning product. It has been on TV infomercials before. I haven't seen it on there in a very long time though. It smells so amazing. Just like real oranges, not cheap orange smell either. Comes in a 3fl. oz bottle with a twist off cap.


I found this product at my local Dollar Tree store, of course it was only $1.oo. At the time I first saw this product there about a year ago I found it in the automotive section. I remembered it from the TV infomercials so figured I would give it a try. You know how those informercials are, always claiming products are so "amazing" and work miracles and then after you get them they don't do half as much as what the infomercial promised OR the operation of the product itself is so complicated that it either takes you forever to figure out OR you end up tossing it to the side and forgetting about it. Being as this was only a dollar though, I did pick it up. I must say that it certainly amazed me! This product is truely a miracle worker! I have since purchased 5 more bottles of this product because I just don't ever want to be without it. It is now found in my cleaning section of my dollar tree back where the mops and things are.

This product has removed permanent marker from my walls with just a few swipes, it has removed black marks from my floors with just a swipe of a paper towel, it removes soap scum from my faucets, crayon, it removes those annoying stickers they they always put on items we purchase or that our kids seem to want to apply to every surface in our It removes those with complete ease. I still can't believe how well this product works! I honestly just can't say enough wonderful things about this product without sounding like an annoying informercial as So check it out if you see it!


I would most certainly recommend this to anyone, especially those of us who have kids. It is a MUST HAVE household cleaner IMO!
It smells so nice.
The price is amazing!
It takes very little product to get the job done so a bottle will last you for a long time.
Very easy to come by, most discount stores have it now.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Makeup Look

A look that I did using Bella Terra Cosmetics.

Check out their website at:

DISCLAIMER: This blogpost was not sponsored in anyway by Bella Terra Cosmetics.

God's Art...

Thought I would share this collage I made of the sunset here a few evenings ago. 
I took these pictures with my HTC Android Incredible phone. 
The app used for the collage is called Photo Grid. 

REVIEW: ImPress Nails


Ok for those who haven't heard of these nails before or seen them, here is a little run down of what they are. 
These nails are basically press on nails. They already have the glue on the inside of the nails. All you have to do is press them on. The package claims that these nails will stay on up to one week, now whether they mean a business week or a full 7 day week, I guess that's up for determination. 


My first initial impression was one of awe, but only because of the design of this particular set of nails. I am a huge animal print fan especially zebra print and pink is my favorite color so these basically equaled Heaven to me. 
After that of course I had tried preglued nails like this in the past and they didn't work at all. All preglued nails are a pain to scrape the glue off the back and the glue that they put on them never ever held on me longer than an hour. I have tried using superglue with them but of course both glues combined basically canceled one another out so it's never been a great experience for me using preglued nails. 
However, after I applied these nails *which btw the application was so easy my fish could do it*, I was impressed because it seemed right away that they were holding alot better than any other preglued nails I had tried. Now, please keep in mind that I did use super glue with these when I applied them and did not remove the glue on the backs of the nails that came on them. The reason I decided to do it this way was because I wanted to really put them to the test to see if they would work that way. 
After application they seemed to really be on my nails extremely well. I was very excited! However, after about twenty minutes of wearing them I noticed something else about them...they were extremely flexible nails. Meaning, they were bending on me at the slightest pressure I would put on them. NOT GOOD! 
I decided to leave them on and just see if maybe the flexibility that I was experiencing was all in my head because they still seemed to me doing really well at being secure on my nails. 
To make this review as short as possible I'll just say that these nails not only bent back on me alot because of how flexible they were but within an hour of me putting them on they started separating from my natural nails and moving around. 
So needless to say it wasn't difficult to remove them right then and there. 
Application took about five minutes and they lasted on my nails about an hour. 


I would NOT buy these nails ever again. 
I would NOT recommend these nails to a child let alone an adult. 
These nails are absolutely not worth the price they are...WAY OVER PRICED!

Nails by Me...

Just some nail designs that I have done on myself over the last couple months.