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Sunday, May 2, 2010

"The Rose"

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. He is such a great father too. Look what he brought me one evening when he came home from work! There was no special was one of those "just because" roses...the best kind!


This is just a couple pics of some of my nails I have had over the past couple months. The last picture are my nails right now. I will post under the pics what polishes were used for the looks if I remember. Enjoy!

This nails were kindof inspired by a lady bug even though I didn't use red.
The main color of the nail is: a frosty pink by Jordana called "Pink Pearl"
The tips are done in the color: "Electric Charge" and it is from the LA Colors Color Craze collection.
And I did the black with the: LA Colors art deco polish in "Black".
All polishes were bought at my local Dollar Tree store for $1.00 each.
The two colors used to create this look was:
Main base color is : "Magnetic Force" from LA Colors Color Craze collection
(Dollar Tree $1.00)
Glitter color over the base color is: "Spit Fire" by Pure Ice (Walmart $2.00)

Base color of nails: "Palm Tree" from LA Colors Color Craze collection
Glitter over base color: A glitter polish called "Treasure Island" also from LA Colors Color Craze collection.

Old Phone vs New Phone

Hey everyone! Long time no blog I know but things are a bit hectic when you have twins. It is hard to believe that in 2 months and 3 weeks my babies will be 2 years old. It is really true what they say when they say that they grow up way to fast. Anyway moving on to this posting. I just wanted to show a couple pics of my old cell after I blinged it out and show some pics of my new phone. I had to recently get a new phone because after my old phone was all pretty and the way I like it, it decides to mess up and stop working...soooo here are some pics. Random posting I know but ol well!

My old phone....

My new phone....I recently bought a clear case for this phone and I have already started making my own version of a blinged out case like sales....we will see how it turns out. I will post pics when I am done with it.