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Monday, June 25, 2012

REVIEW: LA COLORS Star Gaze Palette in Admire

REVIEW on LA Colors Star Gaze Palette in Admire.

Where I purchased product:

My HEB grocery store here in Texas. It was $3.99
There were three different versions of this palette. 
The one I bought was in the color Admire. 

About the Product:

This palette contains 16 shadows. 
The color scheme is mostly mauve's, pinks and purples with a few lighter shades for highlight colors. 
This palette would look really nice on hazel eyes, which is the reason why I chose this  particular one. 
The shadows are all a satin/metallic/shimmer texture. 
There are NO MATTES in this palette. 

My Thoughts:

My first reaction to seeing the colors is that they are really gorgeous.
The light hits them and alot of them look like they may have a duo chrome effect to them. 
However, the duo chrome effect does not show up once the shadows are applied. 
Also, after using these shadows I realized that they are not entirely as pigmented as it may look when you swatch them on your finger. I found that it took alot of dipping back into the shadows and layering before I got a really nice color pay off. 
The shadows are not really chalky, they almost feel like a creme to powder finish but they do produce quite a bit of fall out. 
All in all, I would say that this palette is worth the price and I would repurchase the other two colors. Even though it does take some layering to get good color payoff, these shadows are very pretty on, give off alot of shimmer which is nice and they did last an extremely long time on my eyes. 

Homemade Lip gloss Recipe

Homemade Lipgloss:

1/4 cup of Vaseline
1/2 teaspoon of your favorite flavoring. 
We used Vanilla flavoring. You can use Strawberry or Raspberry to tint it pink!
Some kind of small container to put it in. 


Melt your Vaseline in the microwave in a microwavable safe dish. 
Stir it every 30 seconds. 
Melt it until it is completely clear, no fogginess to it. 
Once melted stir in your flavoring. 
Carefully pour it into your chosen container and let it set up and cool for at least four to five hours.
Tada...all done! 


I got this lipgloss recipe from watching a video from Stephanie11278 on youtube. 
Here is the link to her channel.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

KISS Nail Artist Nail Jewerly

I found this at my Walgreens. I paid $4.99 for it. 
It is absolutely beautiful. I love the butterfly design. I am not sure if they make other designs or not, I have only seen butterflies in my stores. 
As far as the sturdiness of this product, it holds up very well. 
It is adjustable to fit most any fingers. As you can tell by the pictures, I have bigger fingers and it works fine as an embellishment around my nails as well as an actual ring. 
I have had this now for about two months and it is still holding up nicely. However, I will warn you that if you do choose to wear this piece for a reasonable amount of time without removing it from your finger, it will tarnish and did turn my finger a light shade of green. 
This is meant to be worn not as a permanent piece of jewerly obviously and for 5 dollars what do you expect? I would recommend if you would like to wear it more frequently to get out your handy nail top coat and give the inside of the band a quick swipe and that should take care of the turning your finger green problem. 
So what are you waiting for?! Get to your Walgreens and check them out!