This blog is going to be like a big buffet of goodness! There are so many parts to my personality and I intend on sharing every single part with you here on this blog. Whether it's cooking, recipes, product reviews, beauty related things, household tips for meal planning and decorating all on a tight budget, to tech stuff like app reviews, tips and tricks on how to get your phone looking oh so snazzy to even paranormal related stuff and book reviews. I hope your ready! If so please hit that follow button below so you will be sure to not miss a single post!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Videos!

Hey everyone! I hope that your week so far is going absolutely FABO, I know mine is. I wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I uploaded 4 new videos to my YouTube Channel yesterday so be sure to go check those out ok. Leave me some comments and let me know what ya think or if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them for you.
I went shopping last night at the King Dollar agian. I love shopping there! You would be suprised at all the cool things you can find in a place like that for really great prices. I plan on doing a haul on the things I bought today, so be watching for that video also.
Not much else is going on with me right now. We did get our new/used car this past weekend, which I am so excited to have!! I am getting really excited about our vacation back to see my family in WV in about 22 days. It will be the first time I have seen them in a little over a year and also the first time they will get to see my twins since they were born so very excited about that!! Anyway, go check out my videos and I will talk to you lovelies agian soon!!! You can find the link to my YouTube Channel in the post below this one.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I finally got my haul videos uploaded today to my YouTube Channel. There actually turned out to be 6 videos, but don't freak out to much, they are only a little over 4 minutes long. My memory card on my camera only holds that much and it totally pissed me off to find that out. So, I am buying a new camera this weekend and hopefully it will be alot better and let me record alot longer videos because using this camera and doing it this way is just a pain in the arse. So everyone go check out my videos on my channel! And be sure to subscribe and show me some luvins. Let me know if you have any video requests or questions about any of the products in my videos.

Oh and I may go shopping agian this weekend, I really shouldn't after just spending so much money a few nights ago but I just can't help it! lol The link to my YouTube Channel is below!

My Channel:

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I went shopping last night and I bought a ton of stuff! Mostly makeup and haircare products, but I did buy a couple bottles of nail polish and a makeup case amoung a few other small things. I will be doing a BIG haul video on my YouTube Channel soon on everything that I bought. So be sure to check it out when I post it. It should be either sometime today or deffiantely tomorrow. I am not sure how the twins are going to be today and if I will get a spare moment to actually sit down and do it. It more than likely is going to be two videos at least because like I said there is alot of stuff and my camera's memory card only lets me record up to I think 5 minutes at a time. It may even be three videos worth. Just have to wait and see. Toodles for now Lovelies!

Here is the link to my makeup/nail/hair Channel on Youtube:

Here is the link to my other channel with videos of my twins:

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Note: You do have to register with YouTube inorder to be able to subscribe to any channels on there and get updates when that particular user posts new videos. It only takes a second and it's FREE so what are you waiting for!!

Much Luvins,

Miss Veronyka

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hey! I am very pleased to be one of the latest newbie's on Blogspot thanks to sayanythingbrooke from YouTube for posting the link to her blog right here on Blogspot on one of her videos in which gave me the whole idea of starting my own blog up.

My name is Veronica (<~Is the correct spelling) and I live in Texas. I just became a new mommy to boy/girl twins Hayley Aryn and Timothy James. I am sure you will see alot of pictures of them on here from time to time! I have alot of things I enjoy in life and a couple hobbies, one of which is paranormal investigation. I am a ghost hunter/paranormal investigator and have been studying the paranormal now for about 10 years. I do consider the paranormal field ONE of my passions. However, I am a girlie girl and that being said my other passion is makeup and nails! That is the main reason why I am starting this blog. I am going to be starting my own channel on YouTube soon and will be Vlogging about makeup, different bargains and substitutes for some well known makeup products that practically any salary person can afford and also other videos about my babies, just some baby care tips and products I think are useful and that make my life easier from day to day. Hopefully those types of videos will help out alot of you first time mommy's. I will also be doing videos on house cleaning products and tips...I love to clean, I am a major clean freak so hence the reason for those types of videos. I will deffinately have a wide range of topic videos on my channel. The reason for this is because I am a very practical woman. I don't have alot of money and don't make alot of money, but I still want to look cute and have nice things and I know for a fact that if your on a strict budget like me that is deffinately possible! You just have to know how to go about getting those things and where to look and shop for them, and from years and years of experience, I am fortunate enough to know just where to begin! I am ready to share my knowledge on these things for whoever wants to listen! So be watching for me to post the link to my channel as soon as I can get it started. I am not entirely sure when that will be, I do have 7 month old twins that keep me very busy, but I am going to strive for it to be sometime later this coming week! So be watching for that.

Until then..happy reading my fellow bloggers!

Much Luvins,

Miss Veronyka