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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mason Natural Weight Management Dietary Supplement

Big Lots $2.00 a bottle for 36 soft gels

I have been using this stuff on and off for awhile now, right at a year if not over a year, and it works amazing! I have mentioned it in the past on my channel when I was doing weightloss vlogs but thought I would do a blog post about it for those of you who might be interested in trying it out.

Now, I have never taken the Alli pill before, I bought it one time to take it but after hearing some of the things it did, I was to scared to take it so I took the kit back. I did however do alot of research into the Alli pill and what it did to you and side effects etc and to be completely honest with you guys this pill right here seems to do alot of what the Alli pill claims to do as well. No joke. This is a system cleansing pill. It also says that it helps to enhance your metabolism. It is a natural dietary supplement meaning that it is healthy for your body. It says that it promotes fat breakdown which is also something that the Alli pill claims it does. For those who may not be familiar with the Alli pill, it is very pricey. The kit that I bought was only a 30 day supply and it cost me $60.00! Yes, that's right..ugh..way to expensive for me. Not to mention I did read reviews about people who claimed that Alli really had some negative effects on their bodies and they didn't recommend taking it for an extended period of time. Now like I said, I have never taken it before but to be honest after reading up on what it does and after taking this pill for a good while and seeing the effects it has on my body I honestly don't know why anyone would want to spend the money on Alli when they could get this and not spend a third of the money on it and it work really well and in a healthy way. That's just me though.

Ok, let me warn some of you before you read any further. I am going to start talking about the effects that this pill has had on my body and it isn't going to be pretty, so that being said, if you have a weak stomach then do not read any further. I will try to keep it as clean and courteous as I can. I do not wish to gross anyone out. :)

This pill says to take three pills a day. One with each meal. It says you need to drink plenty of water. When I first took this pill I took my recommended three pills a day and I'm not sure if it was because I didn't drink enough water or what but I had some very bad stomach cramps later that night...horrible! However, once I went to the bathroom the cramps immediately went away. I had the cramps again the following day after taking my three pills. So, if your just starting out on these I would recommend not taking three pills your first day. I would take two the first day and two the second day and then three the third day. That way you could get your body used to them first. And yes, you need to drink water with these! Water is going to help the pills do their job.

I could tell almost immediately, well within the first few hours of taking them that they were working. I needed to go to the bathroom....alot...ugh..and it wasn't pleasant I will just say that. These really do honestly clean you out. They also really help with getting rid of that extra water weight! Don't misunderstand me and think that your always going to be in the, your not but you will need to go more regularly than you normally would. Once the pills have you cleaned out, you will be able to tell because honest to goodness I just felt so much better. I really did feel Funny sounding I know but let's be real here, it works!

I like to take these pills especially after my girlie time because let's face it girls, we all retain alot of water during that time and these really help to get all of that off after it's over with. I just started taking mine again about 4 days ago after not taking them for about four months and this morning when I stepped on the scales I could see a big difference in that number. I had lost 3.8 pounds in two days! No I wasn't starving myself. I was taking my three pills a day, not even drinking that much water *horrible I know, I need to drink alot more water. I will work on that :/* was only drinking 2 bottles of water and I did exercise in the evenings for 30 minutes doing cardio on my bike and arm weight lifting. That's it. So, the 3.8 pound loss was water weight but none the less it is still off of me. Water weight can make you feel just as horrible as fat weight. It makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable as well so I am glad to see it go and in just two days how can you beat that?!

So on a closing note...Yes, I would for sure check these babies out! Go to your Big Lots and look first. They cost $2.00. If you can't find them there then check Target and Walmart or your local drugstores. I haven't looked anywhere else for them other than my Big Lots because that is where I have always found them. Anyway, let me know if you have anymore questions and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

WEIGHTLOSS UPDATE: Over the course of the past four months I gained 8 pounds back out of the 45 pounds that I had originally lost. Bummer I know! :( But I did it to myself. Time to kick my own ass and get back at it. Over the course of two weeks, maybe not quite two weeks I have lost 6.4 of those pounds! Yay! I have 2.8 pounds left to loose before I am back to where I was when I started gaining. I am hoping to loose those within the next week and hopefully more! lol I have set a goal for myself to be 279 pounds by Christmas Day. That means I have 8.8 pounds to loose in a month and a half. I know I can do it! I am hoping to by pass that goal and be lower than that by Christmas Day but we will leave the goal at that and be really excited if I go lower than that! Anyway, talk to you lovely readers later and good luck if your on a weightloss journey. It takes awhile. Sometimes we fall but be proud that you always get back up and keep going! Do it at YOUR pace NOT someone else's!


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  2. Epistane is good to use as the body building supplement. It has good and instant effects. Recently I got its information and will take it.

  3. I purchased this on Saturday, and I've started taking it. Let me start off by saying, I feel the effects!

  4. I bought some and Google the effects found this now really excited to get this going thank u so mucg

  5. I purchased these from Big Lots on Sunday 11/9 starting taking them Monday 11/10. Experiencing an extreme amount of warming in my body. Don't like it because it feels like I have a high fever. My bottle looks different than the one you posted but has the same name and brand. The bottle states to take 3 softgels daily with a meal. So I have been taking them (all 3 at the same time) in the AM. It doesn't state to take 1 pill 3 times daily. I wonder if this is the reasoning for the warming effect I am experiencing. Starting tomorrow I will take 1 pill 3 times. Hopefully this will stop the warming and I can continue the product. Thank you...

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  7. These pills does work. My daughter gave me these as a gag gift because I wanted to loss some weight I had gain. I started taking these and I noticed a big....difference. She bought them from the Dollar Tree but I couldn't locate them anymore until I seen the same soft gel pills but by a different company. The one I had said Sound Body but manufacturer in Miami by Mason. So they really works and does a very good cleansing.

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