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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn Eyes Tutorial Photos

Hey everyone. I recently did a video on an autumn eye look for my channel and thought I would post some of the pictures from that look on here. I put them in the video, but I wanted them posted on here also so that all my subbies could get a closer look at them if you guys want. All you have to do is click on the picture to view it full size. So here they are..enjoy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Matte Blue+Blue Glitter= ShaBANG!

I recently went to Walmart to pick up some random things for the kids..diapers, etc. I didn't have much cash on me but after I picked up the things I needed to get, I had a little left over so I decided to make a trip to the makeup isle. I was in desperate need for some more Lash Blast mascara (that stuff is truely amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for an awesome mascara!). Anyway, moving on.......after I picked up my mascara I went down to the nailpolishes...the cheap Love My Nails, NYC, PURE Ice, etc brands. Well needless to say I came away with 4 new bottles of nailpolish that night and it only cost me $6.00!

After I got home, I decided to do my nails, they were in major need of it. So, I picked out one of my LA Colors polishes that I had bought but never tried yet and was aching to see what it looked like on my nails. It is a polish from their Color Craze collection. The name of it is "Static Electricity". It is a beautiful matte blue color. I also decided to use one of my new polishes that I just bought. It is the PURE Ice brand and it is in the color "Strapless". It is a gorgeous blue glitter. I put two coats of the Static Electricity on and then topped it off with two coats of the Strapless and let me tell you guys I AM IN LOVE!!!! This is by far my favorite nails that I have had in a very long time. The blue is so vibrant and just pops! The blue glitter on top just makes the nails shimmer extremely well and just makes the whole blue color that much more beautiful!! If you can find these two polishes I highly recommend you get them quick because you certainly won't be sorry if your a fan of blue nails like me. You can find the LA Colors polish at some of the local dollar stores for about $1.00 or if you can't find them there, look on I know for sure they have them there and they also carry this particular collection, the Color Craze collection. However, you will spend a bit more for it there, I think they are $3.00 on that site, but totally worth it!

Below are some pictures of my nails and the nailpolishes. The very bottom picture is of all four of the polishes I bought that night as well.

This is the LA Colors polish.

Here is the PURE Ice it!

Here is a picture of all four polishes I bought at Walmart that night.
Left to Right: Love My Nails in "Glory" $1.00 (this polish is clear with red & blue flecks of glitter and silver stars in it) next is the PURE Ice in "Strapless" $2.00 (blue glitter) then we have another PURE Ice in "Cheatin" $2.00 (this polish is a beautifl purple glitter with tiny flecks of blue and pink glitter in it, but the blue and pink is really suddle and gives the polish an overall beautiful color to it) and then last we have another Love my Nails brand in "Star Bright" $1.00 (this polish is a clear polish with tiny flecks of holographic glitter in it and baby pink and purple stars! Very cute!)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well hello there...

Yes I am still around. =)
I have fell behind at updating my blog for a few weeks so I thought I would pop in to let everyone know what has been going on. Well, first let me start out by saying that I am getting old..or have gotten old....I hit the BIG 3-0 on September 15th...thats right...I am not 30 years old. Wow....I still can't believe it. Time sure does fly, I should have listened better when they told me that in my Oh well, I just feel very blessed to still be here and have such a wonderful family and friends, you couldn't ask for more. Plus, my hubby and my sister made sure I got exactly what I asked for on my birthday....margaritas and guacamole dip!!!! Pictures will be was one great birthday.

Aside from that, I somehow hurt my shoulder. It started hurting a little the night before my birthday. The next morning when I got up, it was hurting me so bad that I thought I had slept the wrong way and it would go away within a few hours to a day at the is now four days later and it hurts so bad that sometimes all I can do is cry. I have had to take some pain pills for the pain sometimes and I have had to sleep sitting up for the past two nights because it is to painful to lay down. I can barely turn my head to the side. Sharp pains shoot up into my head, it has my ear hurting and it even hurts my jaw if I open my mouth to wide. I don't know whether I pulled a muscle or if I have something out of place or what, but I am hoping that it heals soon because I am in misery. When I got up this morning it felt alot better, but I helped my sister move today and it is killing me agian tonight. I bet I don't sleep agian tonight for nothing. I am so exhausted too. Oh well, enough bitching....gotta suck it up. Thats pretty much all that has been going on here. I haven't had time to do any youtube videos recently because I just have felt like shit for the past couple weeks....not sure what is going on with me. Hopefully with the beginning of October things will start to feel better for me and I will be in a better mood. Fall time always makes me smile!! =) Thats about it folks....have a great night and I will blog atcha agian soon.

Pics from my birthday!

(Presents from my sister)

(We're Friends!)

(Me....I feel so good!)

(My sister trying to drink out of a kids straw)

(Oh this looks so good!)

(Mine all MINE!)

(Me and sis)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Perfect Nude Nailpolish

If your like me and you love the effect of "Nude" looking nails, (I just think it looks so classy on women) then I have found the PERFECT color nailpolish to create that look! There might be a better one out there, but this is the one I have found and I am totally madly inlove with it! I think it deffo makes the perfect nude nail with a shine. The best part? It's CHEAP!!! Only $1.00 at your Dollar Tree, King Dollar, or any 99 Cent stores! You can also buy this at amoung other places on the internet I am sure. Just GOOGLE or BING it. The brand is LA Colors. This color is called "Mega Watt" and it is from their Color Craze Collection.

Here are some pictures.
As always, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review: China Glaze Nailpolish "For Audrey"

I don't think I am going to be doing a video on this review, so you will see this only here on my blog. =)

I wanted to let everyone know how I felt about China Glaze nailpolish overall, because this is my first bottle (I wanted this color really the Tiffany's classy) and before I bought this bottle, I watched some reviews on this particular brand of nailpolish and even though alot of the beauty gurus on youtube did have quite a few China Glaze polishes, they weren't really talking very highly about them in regards to staying power. They were basically just buying them for the color selections they had, which by the way are really amazing and make the price worth it all on it's own. However, I did want the "For Audrey" color really bad and so I went to my Sally Beauty Supply store and bought it even though it was $5.00 which is normally a HUGE no no for me..I just don't think you need to spend that much on a nailpolish, but whatever, I did. I have had it on now for about 2 1/2 will see the picture below of what it looks like after me having it on this long. I personally found that the staying power is awesome. 2 1/2 weeks later, as you can see in the photo, I have no chipping at all and never had to touch up one single nail the whole time. It really suprised me because I was ready to be like..yeah they were doesn't really stay that long...but I found quite the contrary. I found the formula to be very creamy and go on almost flawlessly and so smooth and the best thing for me was the fact that you didn't need a billion coats of the stuff to make it the exact color in the bottle..I only used one coat. Plus, it seemed to dry pretty quick. I don't know why others have had a problem with staying power. Possibly, it could be the type of top coat they are using. I find that a little hard to believe though because alot of the gurus I am sure spend alot more on their top coat than what I did. I just used my Nailene brand Acrylic strong top coat that I found at my King Dollar store guessed it...$1.00. So overall, I give China Glaze polish a 10 out of 10 hearts because I love it in every aspect. Not only are the colors sooo amazing to choose from, but it did have great staying power for me, loved the formula of the polish and even though the price is a bit high for me, it is well worth it and then some! So go get some China Glaze! My next color I buy is going to be Frostbite I think. =)

Weightloss: Day #3

Hey everyone.
The rest of yesterday went ok. I did manage to drink 4 9ounce bottles of water yesterday, and being that I personally don't drink water at all...I think that was really good for me. Last night for dinner I did splurge more than I should have, but I guess I could have eaten alot worse than I did. I actually ate a bowl and a half of chilli. BUT...I am not going to be to hard on myself because so far this week I have had NO that is a HUGE thing for me! I am very proud of myself on that one. That in itself I am sure will make a big difference. Today my goal is to drink at least 5 bottles of water and gradually go up a bottle each day until I am drinking at least 7-8 bottles of water a day. I am also still ONLY drinking Diet Mountain Dew when I do drink pop...which has 0 calories..0 carbs and 0 sugars. I can tell a difference so far not so much with my weight but in certain small things like how I am sleeing at night. I think for the past two nights, especially last night...I have been sleeping more soundly I find. I don't find myself tossing and turning nearly as much as before and I am guessing that the water is the cause for that because like I said, I don't normally drink water..I just drink the Diet Mountain Dew and the caffeine I am sure doesn't help with my sleeping, so I am really pleased with that change I have saw so far. So overall, I think I am still doing really good, the only thing that I am not happy with is the fact that I haven't managed to get any exercises done this week yet, and I have deffinately had ample time to do them every day so far, but just haven't. So that is my fault and hopefully I can kick myself in the ass before to long and get those going also. Anyway, here is what I have eaten so far today....

2 sandwiches of toasted wheat bread with a little butter & tomato (no nothing)

2 sandwiches of toasted wheat bread w/a little butter & tomato

For dinner tonight I am going to be eating a taco salad..there will be sour cream and cheese on it as well as hamburger...but after eating virtually NO calories in my food for breakfast or lunch, I think eating taco salad for dinner will be ok.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weightloss: Day #2

Ok there is one thing I learned from yesterday....
And there is one thing I have learned so far today.....

Yesterday, it became very apparent to me at the end of the day (before dinner) that this whole calorie counting thing was not going to work for me. You guys saw what I ate yesterday and how many calories that it was, well there is no way I could have eaten a decent dinner last night without going over on my calories for the day. OMG, by last night I was starving. I think I could have eaten the side out of a water buffalo if I had one infront of me. I know me..and I know my body, there is no way that I am going to stick with this if I make every single day like yesterday. I know that my body has to adjust to a new eating schedule and habit, but my goodness that was a little extreme for me yesterday. So, I have decided since I don't want to give up once agian that I am not longer going to calorie count. That method just isn't for me. However, I have came up with a new way to monitor how much I am eating through the day and to control my portion sizes but still be able to eat whatever I is what I plan on doing...

1.Eat my food on smaller the small dinner plates, the step up from saucers.

2. Do not eat anything past 8pm every night...and drink only water past that time.

3. Chocolate is a BIG downfall for I am going to try my hardest to not eat any chocolate during the week, and then on the weekends I will allow myself to have some chocolate kindof like a treat for myself. It will be hard and if I see that I find myself getting discouraged because I feel deprived (it is very important that you don't feel deprived because then you are not going to stick with it) that I am going to go out and buy some of those 100 calorie packs of snacks and just eat one of those.

4. I also plan on trying my best not to fry anything! Now some of you probubly think that it wouldn't be a big deal for you, but for someone like me who was raised around nothing but that type of food, trust is a HUGE deal!

5. I am going to try to drink at least 5-7 9ounce bottles of water a day. Drinking water helps so much and I am not big on it, but I think that this particular rule could possibly be the one that benefits me the most in the beginning.

6. I will exercise at least three times a week..hopefully more, but three times is my minimum goal...UNLESS I already have a activity planned for the day to where I will be up moving around alot, like today I have to clean house all day so that will be my exercise for today. It is a proven fact that you can burn alot of calories by just doing simple housework, making your bed, vaccuuming, dishes, mopping, dusting, etc.

So that is how I stand today. I will blog more tomorrow, or maybe today if anything new comes up.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weightloss: Day #1 Lunch

Hey everyone.
I have yet to get the time to do my exercises today. Unfortunately I let myself talk to my bestfriend to long on the phone and haven't got the chance yet to do them. I am hoping I still have time to do them before my kids wake up but I am doubting worse case scenerio the exercises will start tomorrow. However, I am still sticking to my portion size today and only eating serving sizes and sticking to my calorie intake that I put myself on. Here is what I am having for is now it's been about 4 1/2 hours since I had breakfast.

My Lunch:

2 servings of Mac N Cheese w/pepper= 800 calories

Diet Mountain Dew= 0 calories
Total calories= 800 calories

Weightloss: Day #1 Breakfast

Starting weight: 300lbs
Good Morning everyone!
Well today is the first day and like my previous blog, I am happy to say that I am still feeling pretty motivated this morning, thank goodness! lol I am eating my breakfast right now at 7am because my twins normally get up between 8am-9am and want to eat theirs so it just works out that way better because after I feed them and get them settled into their playroom, I can start my exercises.

Anyway, here is a picture of what I am eating for breakfast (I am not big on "real" breakfast food) and how many total calories the meal has. I am putting myself on a 1,200-1,500 calorie a day diet. I am going to eat whatever I want, but just smaller portions, and try really hard to eliminate the fast food all together and of course stay within that limit of calories. We shall see how it works out.

My breakfast:
2 Quaker apple cinamon rice cakes 50 calories each =100 calories
Peanut Butter on my rice cakes= 45 calories
Diet Mountain Dew= 0 calories

Total Meal calories= 145 calories

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The weight loss begins for real this time!!

Hey everyone.
Here is the place where I will be posting everything about my weight loss journey, which is going to start officially 8am on Monday August 24, 2009! I tried to loose some weight back in May but unfortuantely I didn't stick with it...BIG Suprise!...not really. I am hoping this time will be different though because I am a planner...I love making diagrams and charts and just mapping things out, schedules, etc. Sooo...I am hoping that by keeping such a detailed blog on the things I eat, calories, highs and lows that I have, that it might keep me motivated enough to actually stick with it. I am planning on exercising to some videos that I have...Hip Hop Abs and Total Body Sculpt I think it is called...every single day. I am feeling pretty motivated right now but thats because my ass isn't doing anything but sitting here blogging about the whole idea of it and picturing myself in skinny clothes again....we will see how I feel tomorrow after I get through my first day. I will be trying really hard to blog at least once a day pertaining to my weight loss...whether it be posting a picture of what I am eating for a certain meal, how I am feeling that particular day, etc....wish me luck guys and feel free to leave me comments on my posts if I say something that hits home with you or you see a pic that you feel like commenting on or just whatever. Well, guess thats to you guys tomorrow in what I hope is a new beginning to my new life!

Oh and I weighed myself at my mother in laws today....I won't be doing that often because I find that it doesn't really matter what the scale says, it's the inches that I want to loose. I want to tone up, I don't care if the scale says I weigh 250lbs..if I look good, that is all that matters to me and of course that I am living as healthy as possible. But..I will weigh myself probubly at least once a month maybe twice...I need to go buy some scales though...since this is the first post in my weight loss is my starting! tuned!

P.S. I am still going to be doing makeup blogs on here also....I will always make sure that any posts about my weight loss is in WHITE font ok. That way they will be easier to find for those of you who are only interested in my weight loss or for those who are only following me strictly for the makeup part of my blog.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

I just wanted to stop in and say that I probubly won't be having anymore videos this week on my YouTube Channel. I am more than likely only going to be doing one or two videos a week throughout the summer. I need to spend more time with my kids. They are getting older and I don't want to miss one single mileston with them. It's all about the memories gals and I want to just treasure this time with them before I wake up one day and they are 21 and out living on their own. lol I hope you guys understand. Thank you all so much for subbing to my channel. I am almost to 300 subscribers now! Thats alot of people who care to know what I am talking about and what is going on in my life and I am flattered! Thank you so much hotties!
You probubly won't hear from me anymore until one day next week so I hope everyone has a very happy and safe July 4th weekend! It will be my twins very first Fourth of July and I can't wait to spend it with them!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh NO...not AGIAN!!

Ok guys, I am deffo not going to be making any youtube vids for a few days agian. I went to the beach on Saturday (June 27th) and got myself burnt to a crisp agian! Trust me, that exclamation mark isnt for excitement. It was strictly unintentional, I spent most of the time under the umbrella with my son because he was kindof cranky. We were there for a total of like four hours and I think combined total time of me in the sun was like maybe two hours but I highly doubt it and BAM!!! I never expected it, but this time it is way worse than the one I got when I had my garage sale back on June 13th. My back got it this time and I cant sleep, I can barely bend over, it literally feels like my skin is ripping off from my body. No exaggeration guys.....eww! Last night I had to put towels over my pillows and sleep with cold wash cloths on my back all night and I still barely slept. I am constantly cold because I am losing so much heat from my body through the burned area. It is horrible. I cant wear a bra, I cant wear any shirts but tank tops and they hurt really bad. So needless to say I am in veg mode until I can start to feel a little better. Hope everyone understands. I do have a long list of videos to do for you guys when I feel up to it though and I really think you guys are going to like them so stay tuned!
Love you hotties!!
And remember.......wear SUNSCREEN!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Upcoming Stuff

Hey hotties....

I just wanted to stop in and let everyone know what is coming up from me within the next two weeks. Below is a video of some of the upcoming videos that you will be seeing from me on my channel soon. I actually have to put a couple of them together, I cant just wing I normally Well I could but then they wouldn't be very informational for you guys. I also plan on focusing alot more on my weight loss vlogs on my collaboration channel with Carly and Ela called LoseThatBooty ( I have really been slacking in the weight loss department over the last week or so and I need to get refocused. I also am expecting to be getting alot of free samples of some cosmetics, fragrances, etc within the next month, so you might see some reviews on those if I think they are worthy. Thats about it for now.....

Oh, if any of my hotties (subbies) will be in Galveston on Saturday June 27th, stop by the beach and say hello =) I will be there for most of the day with my hubby, mother in law, sister and my twins. I would love to meet ya!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Pretty in PiNk Nails"

Hey hotties!
I did my nails a couple days ago. Thought I would share them with ya. Of course I did them in pink!!! My favey color! Woot!

For this look I used:

Jordana polish from my King Dollar $1.00 in Pink Pearl
Bogi Brites nailpaint from Sally Beauty Supply $2.50 in Punky Pink
Love My Nails top/base coat from Walmart $1.79

I painted my whole nail with the Pink Pearl polish. Waited for it to dry. Then I used scotch tape to tape off the tips of my nails and painted the tips with my Punky Pink and waited for it to dry. Then I removed the tape and applied the Love My Nails top coat and let it dry.

BH Cosmetics 88 Shimmer Palette

Hey everyone!

The long awaited moment has come and the wonderful UPS man delivered my 88 Shimmer Palette! I am so excited to get it. I did NOT order it from Coastal Scents, I ordered mine from

Not only are they cheaper on the palettes but their shipping is ALOT cheaper than Coastal Scents. I originally was going to order it from CS but when I went to place my order they were going to charge me somewhere around $12.00 just for the shipping on the same EXACT palette! So I said no flippen way! Then one of my fellow YouTubers told me about this site called BH Cosmetics that was selling the SAME EXACT palettes for cheaper. Of course I was extremely skeptical but I had to check it out and I went to their site and read all of the reviews from their customers, which all gave them 5 stars and saw for myself that they were indeed the same exact ones that CS is selling and they were cheaper and the shipping was so much cheaper. Here is the comparison prices for you guys to show you what I mean:

This is the prices including shipping for the 88 Shimmer Palette:

Coastal Scents Prices: $24.95 for the 88 Shimmer Palette
+$11.49 for shipment to me (I live in Texas)

BH Cosmetics Prices: $21.95 for the 88 Shimmer Palette
+$7.95 for shipment to me

So you guys do the math. Which would you prefer? Plus the ones from BH Cosmetics ship within 24 hours! How can you go wrong with that? My palette arrived to me in a med. sz brown box, it was wrapped in bubble wrap and had brown paper stuffed around it in the box and the box was marked "FRAGILE" My palette was in perfect condition when I got it. Not one single eyeshadow was flawed or broken. So deffo 5 STARS for BH Cosmetics and I will be ordering from them from now on when it comes to the palettes. Below are some pictures of the palette to show you guys that it is the same palette that CS offers. Also, there are some swatches of the colors.
Enjoy Hotties!!

The 88 Shimmer Palette:

Here is a pic showing the size of the shadows compared to a dime. I was a bit disappointed that the size was so small but I mean come on...who uses that much eyeshadow anyway. It's just they did look bigger in the YouTube videos that I saw of this palette.

And here are some swatches that I did from random colors in the palette on my fingers.
I do NOT have any primer on my fingers in this picture.

And here is a picture of some swatches I did on my arm of some random colors from the palette. I did apply my homemade primer to my arm before I did the swatches.

Makeup & Nails...OH MY!

Ok my makeup began to over run the top of my dresser and I found that I had a couple baskets even sitting in my floor (which I hate), so I had to come up with another idea as to where I was going to put all my makeup and nails. We had a small tv stand in our livingroom in the corner with just some random pictures sitting on it because we just got a new entertainment center not to long ago, so I thought it would be a nice idea to bring it into our bedroom and use it for storage of my makeup and nails! It works perfectly! least until I get more makeup...lmao! Here are some photos....

All of the storage containers you see where either bought at Walmart, the King Dollar, or the Dollar Tree. =)

Table Centerpiece by ME!

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I posted a blog on here. I won't make excuses but I will tell you what I have been up to. First off all I had to organize my apartment and get ready for a HUGE garage sale which took place June 13th. I did ok but could have done alot better if we would have had it on a Thursday, so we are going to have another one in a few weeks and see how we do. After getting all the stuff out of my apartment I had a ton of room so I had to reorganize all of my closets, etc. and clean because I hadn't cleaned in over a week because of the sale. One top of all that I got a major sunburn the day of the sale and could barely move and wear clothing! OUCH!! So thats about it in a nutshell. I haven't even really made many videos this week for my channel. However, I will be back in full swing with my videos for sure next week if not sooner, so stay tuned, I have a ton of great videos coming up!

For now though I wanted to brag on myself a little bit and show you guys my

I needed a flower centerpiece for my kitchen table and all the ones I looked at were way to pricey or weren't of my liking. know me....I made a trip to my King Dollar to see what I could is the finished product!

I love it! And it only cost me $5.00 to make it.
It is one of my favorite flowers so I am very happy with it.
Items bought at King Dollar Store:
Three HUGE Sunflowers $1.00ea
Glass Vase $1.00
Bag of Rocks to fill Vase $1.00
Ivy vines I just cut from another one of my baskets of fake greenery flowers.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photos from the Smokey Blues Tutorial Video

Here are the pictures from my lastest makeup tutorial video on my youtube channel. Go check out the video!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photos from my contest entry for SouthernRain55's Candy Contest

Check out her channel...the deadline for her contest is May 20th

Check out my channel and watch my video tutorial of this look!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photos from "Neutral Shimmery Eyes with BANGIN HOT Lips" Tutorial Video

Check out my youtube channel for the tutorial video on how to do this look!

My YouTube Channel: