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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weightloss Update!!

So sorry for lack of posts lately. This time of year is so busy for me and my family! I love the holidays!!! Anyway, I am mostly making this post to update you guys on my current weight. I am still doing intermittent fasting, but my weightloss has slowed down because I haven't been exercising every night (shame on me) and eating a little to many sweets. However, tomorrow is the start of a new week and I will be getting back on track and cutting out the over eating on the sweets before it gets out of hand. I will make a more detailed post later on sometime on how everything is going so far. Until then here is my current weighin!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm Melting Away!!

I still have ALOT of melting to do believe me, but regardless, I am melting! It has been about a week and a half since my last entry and I am excited to say I am still doing good! The weight is still coming off! However, it isnt coming off as fast as it was in the beginning and I know that is due to water weight. In the beginning of any weightloss program that you go on, your body looses most of it's water weight first. That is why it seems like you loose alot more weight quicker in the beginning. Do not be fooled by the scales slowing down though, the weight is still and will still come off as long as you stick with it. I know you have probubly heard this saying a million times but here, make this a million and one did not gain this weight over night and it isn't going to come off over night! I have to remind myself of this all the time. I am just happy that the numbers are getting smaller!

I am still doing the intermittent fasting. However, there have been days that I have not fasted and just ate tiny bits during the day and then ate my normal dinner. I dont do that often but some days you just feel like you need to eat and I allow myself to do that but just not alot. I am still doing my fasting for the majority of the week. I was doing some research though and I did find out that it is important to allow yourself ONE cheat day a week when you are trying to loose weight because your body gets so used to being calorie deprived and that is when you start hitting those plateaus alot more. So to keep that from happening as often, allow yourself to cheat one day a week. By cheat I do not mean to eat every piece of chocolate in sight, although that would be beautiful wouldn't it!? LOL! NO! You have came to far for that! For my cheat day I always make it a Saturday. I do not fast on Saturdays, since I do fast during the week. On Saturdays I eat 2 meals instead if ONE! I do not eat a ton of junk food, I do allow myself one chocolate goody that day though. Just keep the cheat day in moderation, don't go wild because it is called a cheat day. If you keep things under control even on this day then you will be doing your body alot of good as oppossed to just sticking to your weightloss program 24/7. Lets face it, who likes to do the same thing over and over and over. It gets boring. Your body needs a change once in awhile to keep things spicey so to speak for it...LOL. Reward your body the RIGHT way and it will reward you back!

Anyway, that is my progress up until now as well as some helpful advice that I have found out since my last entry. Hope you all are doing great. I will post again in another week or so! Below is my weighin!!

Weighin on October 8, 2011: 291.6 pounds!!!

Love this polish!

This is a brand called Chameleon and this color is in SUNSET. I got it at Walmart I think, about 5 years or so ago. I know it was a long time, but the polish is still good. This only makes the second time I used this polish, the first time being very close to the time I bought it. I will be using this one alot more this fall, it is a beautiful orange color! Def my favorite orange in my collection. Unfortunately my walmart does not have these polishes anymore. I have heard that Rite Aid has them sometimes, I heard that this particular brand is now only exclusive to Rite Aid, so sadly I won't have the opportunity to get anymore because we do not have a Rite Aid near us. I do have another one besides this one, I think the name of the other one is BLUE SKY. Anyway, they are manufactured by the same company that makes the CQ nailpolishes which Walmart does sell now, I have a few of these as well. These polishes have a heavy duo chrome effect which makes them so unique and just beautiful!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Pound Bites the Dust!

Thats right! I am down another pound...woot! So excited! I think I might reward myself once I hit the 20 pound loss mark. I think it is very important to do that so that you have something to work toward and look forward to. Not sure yet what I am going to reward myself with but it will NOT be food. I never understand when people do that. Anyway, today wasn't such a great day. I made chicken salad last night and that is one of my favorite foods, even though I did great last night for dinner, there were leftovers and I couldn't resist them today so I actually didn't fast today. I ate lunch and dinner today and even though the things I ate were ok and mostly healthy, I still felt horrible that I had did that and not to mention my body just felt bloated. I was really disappointed in myself, but on the other hand this has been my first day in over 20 that I have been doing this that I have messed up, so I am not going to be that hard on myself. Plus I did a really good workout tonight. I rode my bike and burned 418 calories and then I did 110 ab crunches, stretches and even did some arm weights. I felt really great afterwards too. Other than the mess up today, everything seems to be going good! I am officially 118.6 pounds away from my goal weight. Which is still a lot but considering when I started this on September 6th I was 132 pounds away from my goal weight...that amazes me and I continue to be proud of myself. So, guess that does it for tonight. It is time for bed for me, I am exhausted. Talk to you all again in another couple days!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fresh Tomato Pizzas

Another one that I can't wait to make! These look like such quick easy meals that kids would really like.


Mini pizza crusts
1 1/2 cups of low fat cottage cheese
1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
1 garlic clove or garlic powder/garlic salt
1/4 teaspoon of dried Italian Seasoning
Black Pepper
Tomato slices
Shredded Parmesan cheese


For the sauce: combine cottage cheese, parmesan, garlic, italian seasoning and black pepper in a blender or food processor. Add a splash of milk if the mixture is to thick.

Spread the sauce, tomato slices and shredded cheese on crusts. Bake for 8 mins at 425 degrees.

Avacado Salsa Pizzas

I plan on making these really soon so thought I would go ahead and share the recipe here for those of you who might be interested. They look really good and healthy!


Mini pizza crusts
1 chopped tomato
1/4 cup of corn
1/4 cup of shredded Montery Jack Cheese
1 tablespoon of lime juice or lemon juice
Black Pepper
Avacado Slices


Mix together tomato, corn, cheese & lemon or lime juice, salt & pepper. Spread on 4 mini pizza crusts. Bake for 8 mins on 425 degrees. After baking, top with Avacado slices!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Down Down the Numbers GOOO!!!

Ok just wanted to post a really quick entry for everyone about my progress on the weightloss is going. I am still going strong with the intermittent fasting and am still 150% happy with it!! I am finding it so much easier now to not eat than I was, so really excited about that! I have been exercising every evening, still walking and riding my stationary bike. Today makes Day #18 for me and I am still totally loving it! I love how I am feeling and how my body is just so much more light feeling if that makes any sense. My pants are beginning to get a little loose on me, a few pair of my shorts are pretty big on me now, I haven't noticed that much of a difference in my shirts or bras yet but I know that will come.

I have to go now, got alot of cleaning to do before bedtime tonight as well as get a workout in..ugh...I am going to welcome the pillow tonight! lol But first here is my current weight!

CURRENT WEIGHT: 294.6 pounds!

DIY Blinged out Makeup Storage

I do have a tutorial video up on my channel on how to make these.

My Makeup/Dressing Room

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never Thought I'd be so Happy to loose my PANTS!

OMG I was in my makeup room last night doing my nails and I had to get up and grab something and when I did, my shorts totally fell down to my feet!! LOL! These same shorts that I had worn just three weeks ago and never budged when I put them on they stayed in place were now down around my feet and all I could do is stand there smile and do my best not to cry! I was so over joyed! The scales have not moved that much..maybe half a pound or so but not much, but evidently my body is toneing up from some of the walking I have been doing and from me riding my stationary bike. I feel great!

The fasting is still going really good. The past couple of days I have had to break my fast with a bananna during the day but nothing really substantial until my time to eat at 5pm. I have been exercising too every evening and really enjoying it. Walking with my sister is alot of fun, we talk and laugh and play around on our phones, listen to our music & giggle like a bunch of high school girls and I love ever second of it. Before I know it we have walked twenty laps around our apartment complex and it is dark and I am feeling great! Sometimes I even jump on my bike once I come in from my walk. I am trying really hard not to obsess over the scales not moving that much because I don't want to discourage myself like I did last year when I hit my plateaus, because it is going to happen, but apparently even though I haven't lost much weight since my last entry, my body is toneing up because my pants are getting bigger!

The only bad day that I have had since my last entry was yesterday and I was extremely grumpy. I dunno why, but I was. I felt really hungry to even after eating my normal fast breaking bananna, so instead of grabbing something else I just put the kids down for a nap and went and took a shower, got my makeup on, put on a nice outfit, did my hair and I felt ALOT better and didnt mess up my day as far as food goes. I was really proud of myself. That is very important, that when you do something good and succeed over a hardship, it is so important to toot your own horn so to speak and give yourself a nice pat on the back because you do deserve it! You faught the battle and won! I am not ashamed for saying I did great.

I am still feeling really energized and feeling really good about all of this. I can't wait to see more shrinkage! lol Talk to you all agian in a couple days! Any questions just ask!

CURRENT WEIGHT: 295.8 pounds!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Intermittent Fasting...

As most of you probubly know, I have been trying to loose weight for awhile now...well pretty much all my life, but really trying hard this past year or so. In May of last year....May 16, 2010 to be exact I stepped on the scales for the first time in a very long time. The number I saw looking back at me horrified me to no end...330 pounds is what it said. I couldn't believe it. This was possibly the biggest I had ever been in my life and I certainly felt it. All my clothes were either to tight for me to wear, or when I put them on I would have to stretch them before putting them on. I was wearing size 4-5XL shirts and size 28 pants. Let's face it...I was huge & I hated it. I vowed that day to start doing something about it.

My plan was to count calories. I started out putting myself on a 1800 calorie a day diet, I would eat whatever I wanted as long as it didn't go over 1800 calories by the end of the day. After a few weeks I dropped that intake down to 1500 calories a day. I would also cut my soda drinking down to 1-2 a day and make sure I drank at least 4-6 20oz bottles of water a day. I also made sure that I did some form of exercise everyday, whether it was riding my stationary bike for 30-45 mins a night or going walking at the local park with my sister for an hour every evening. By the end of August I had lost a total of 34 pounds! I was in 2-3XL shirts now and was wearing size 22 pants!I was so pleased with myself. However, we started going through some very stressful times in August and I started slacking off on the exercise, then I started going over my calories and the next thing I knew another year had gone by and it was September 6, 2011 and here I was stepping on the scales again to realize that I had gained 10 pounds of that 34 pound weightloss back. I was crushed to say that least. However, I remembered watching a few months back a really sweet nice lady on youtube who goes by the user name of FreeSpiritHaven. She had a channel and talked about how she used to weigh over 230 pounds and now she was a size 4! All she did to loose the weight was something called Intermittent Fasting.

Of course this really interested me so I started doing some research into it to find out if it was healthy, because we all know when we hear the word fasting we basically associate it with starving yourself and that is never a good way to loose weight. All the things I was coming across in my research though was pointing more towards the contrary. It seems that intermittent fasting, if done properly, can actually be very healthy for your body! I was reading numerous articles that said intermittent fasting contributes to wellness & longevity, weightloss, beneficial blood lipids, decreased inflammatory markers, diabetes control, arthritits , possibly even lowered instances of deadly illnesses like CANCER! I couldn't believe it. Bascially, all it is, you sacrifice 2 meals a that doesn't mean you can't drink caloric drinks during the day...just not eat. Then for dinner time you can eat whatever you want! Of course making it healthy foods is as always the best option...lots of veggies, fruits for snacks or desert...things like that.

Of course I wanted to try this because I have learned my problem with diets is that 1. I do not like restricting myself in anyway. 2. I hate feeling bored with something. 3. I hate having to control my portion size. Those three things were always my most reasons for failing at my weightloss over the years. So, with this intermittent fasting the only thing I had to worry about was making sure I did not eat until the time I choose which was 5-6pm every evening when my whole family had dinner. Sounded simple I started doing it.

Now I won't lie to you, the first couple days were very hard. I found that I was my most hungry between 10am and noon. If I could make it until 2pm everyday then I found that after that it was actually pretty simple for me not to want the food. And at dinner time instead of gorging myself I never felt the need, I ate until I could feel my stomach full and then I stopped & I would always have dessert! Can't beat that! After a few days your stomach does start to shrink & when you do eat, you find that you can not hold as much as you think you want, which is an awesome thing! And your body starts to become adjusted to the fact that it knows when it is getting food and the hunger pains become less and less! I also found that my energy, instead of being depleated like one would think was completely the opposite. I wanted to do things. I wanted to clean and play with the kids! I felt good! It was like my body was detoxing itself.

Anyway it has been 12 days today and I have lost 11 pounds! That means all of the 10 pounds I had gained back are gone with an additional pound lost! I couldn't feel better.

I plan on continuing this way of life for me now...I am seeing great results and I am feeling really good too! Now am I saying that this is the right plan for have to go with what works for you. I am no doctor. I am no nutritionist. I am just doing what works for me based on my life, likes, etc. And I am choosing to tell my story not only for those who would love to listen but for myself as well. I fully intend to get down to my goal weight of 175 pounds...possibly smaller but for now that is my goal and when I do, I would love to be able to have something to look back on and read about my journey.

So take from this what you will and for those of you who are on your own journeys I say good luck and many blessings!!

September 6, 2011 WEIGHIN: 307 pounds
TODAYS WEIGHIN (9-18-11): 296 pounds!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspriational..Words to live by...

Fav Polish for a tan!`

This polish is an LA COLORS polish. It is part of the COLOR CRAZE line. It is in the color MAGNETIC FORCE and it is a gorgeous color for the summer, especially if you have tan hands! It is a really pretty coralish pinky orange color. In the bottle it looks alot more pink than it really is. It is $1.00 at any dollar store or beauty supply store! A must have summer color!

Revelon Nailpolish in PINK CHIFFON

This nailpolish is an amazing baby pastel pink color! My favorite pink and it works so well with glitter top coats or just other more sheer duo chrome makes it that much more beautiful! The only negative thing I have to say about this polish is that it is really sheer and takes at least three coats to get this color payoff. Worth it though!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cellphone Photography...

I have a real love for artsy photos...I have always been interested in photography. So, I am going to start posting some of my artsy type cell phone photography here on my blog to share. The cellphone I am using is an Android HTC Incredible with a 8 mega pixel camera. And then I use a few different little apps to add some of the photo effects to the pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Color Mates Palettes from Dollar Tree

Dark smokey blue palette is in SEDUCTION.

Neutral tone palette is in COPPER SHIMMER

These palettes as you can see remind me looks wise of the LA Colors palettes, but the quality of the shadows are alot better. Neither of these two palettes have chalky shadows, which is mostly the case with the LA Colors palettes that look like these. These shadows are soft and almost of a creamy texture to them and they just glide on so smoothly and are imensely pigmented as you can tell from the swatch picture. The swatch picture is on bare skin with no primer or base. I love the LA Colors palettes but these Color Mate palettes are a big step up in my opinion! If you see these at your Dollar Tree pick one up and try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picture of my ELF Collection....

Video of my collection and a more indepth review on some of the products I have can be found above this post.

New Wet N Wild trio....

This is the new summer edition trio palette from Wet N Wild. It is called The GILDED AGE. I love this palette! I got this at my HEB grocery store for $2.97. There was also a new bronzer but I didnt pick that up. It really was pretty though, I might go back and get it. If I am not mistaking it was around $4.00. This palette is a must have in my opinion. It makes for a great summer eye look! Shadows are extremely pigmented and they do have a fair amount of frosty shimmer to them so if your not a fan of that type of shadows then I would not recommend you picking this one up.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Red Cheetah Nailz....

I found this set of nails at my Family Dollar store for $2.00!
I love them so much I just had to blog about them!
They are so flattering and gorgeous! I can't believe they were such a steal in price.
I would love to have a set of these in hot pink.
This is a KISS brand of nails if I remember correctly and it came with 24 you def get two sets out of this box!

Bobbi Brown Makeup Book...

I bought this book a couple weeks ago and have read quite a bit so far and I love it....there are a ton of tips and tricks in this book as well as some really great recommendations. I will be doing a series of videos on this book sharing any interesting tips, tricks, advice, and other great information that this book def has to offer!

Wild Nails...

A guy even told me he loved these...LOL!

I just got bored one night and decided to start glueing rhinestones all over my nails.

They stayed on almost two weeks before one finally popped off...I loved them and can't wait to do a revamped version now that I know I can still be productive in everyday life while wearing them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The New LA Colors Trio Palettes & Eye Pencils

These are very comparable to the NYX jumbo pencils!

Grassy Knoll

Lemon Grove

Tiki Punch

Sand Dune (My fav)

Moon Rock


Southern Belle

Shooting Star

My Finished Blinged out Cell Phone Case...

This was made for around $15.00 or less. This case is for an Android Htc Incredible phone. It took me almost two days of working on it on and off to complete it.

Friday, April 15, 2011