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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

One of my favorite poets & poems...

I absolutely love Robinson Jeffers. His poems are so amazing. He was or seems like he was such a man who was so fine tuned into the world and what was important in life. He seemed to appreciate the logic in things no matter how grand or small it was. He has many many poems, most all of which can be found by going to this website:

This is one of my favorites...

Inscription For A Gravestone

I am not dead, I have only become inhuman:
That is to say,
Undressed myself of laughable prides and infirmities,
But not as a man
Undresses to creep into bed, but like an athlete
Stripping for the race.
The delicate ravel of nerves that made me a measurer
Of certain fictions
Called good and evil; that made me contract with pain
And expand with pleasure;
Fussily adjusted like a little electroscope:
That's gone, it is true;
(I never miss it; if the universe does,
How easily replaced!)
But all the rest is heightened, widened, set free.
I admired the beauty
While I was human, now I am part of the beauty.
I wander in the air,
Being mostly gas and water, and flow in the ocean;
Touch you and Asia
At the same moment; have a hand in the sunrises
And the glow of this grass.
I left the light precipitate of ashes to earth
For a love-token.

-Robinson Jeffers

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ugh, Not So Great Greatness Right Now...


I hope your day was filled with many blessings, togetherness and love...and good food! We had a wonderful dinner today with family and friends and really just left a warm feeling in my heart. Especially, remembering all the memories I personally have from when I was a little girl growing up and seeing my babies make their memories..what a gift from God that is to be able to experience something like that. It's a complete life changer. Anyway, although today was a great day I am not feeling that great right now. The kids have been sick for almost a week now. My son got it first and now my daughter has it. Of course now mommy has to get it to and I am just feeling like I've been run over by a train to say the least. Which is really the main reason behind this post. I just wanted to stop in and apologize for the lack of posts lately because between getting ready for the holidays, Christmas shopping, taking care of some other family matters and dealing with sick kids, it's not been the time for me to sit down and really compose a decent blog post. I hope you all understand. However, now that we have Thanksgiving out of the way and I have finally got alot of the things taken care of that needed done around here *not everything yet, but that will come in time*, I am thinking that I might be making my return back to youtube sooner than the first of the year like I initially said. I am not making any promises but I might be able to come back as soon as a week or two. I am pushing for around the beginning of December so that my first video can be my November favorites. I think that would be a good video to come back on. I have been thinking alot about my channel and how I want it to go now and really looking within myself to deal with alot of issues that did come up in the past with my channel and I feel confident that I have most of those issues taken care of now so like I said, not making any promises because I would hate for something to happen and me not be able to return on a specific date and then I would feel horrible for breaking a promise to you all, but I really am pushing for the next week or so...SOOOO...fingers crossed!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a safe blessed weekend and I will hopefully see you soon!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quick Review: Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner

Bought from Walmart $2.98 bottle. 
This stuff is seriously amazing in so many ways! First let me talk about the smell. Honestly, if I didn't know better I would have thought I was using one of the first Herbal Essence shampoos that came out. It smells just like that fruity floral fresh clean smell..omg seriously reminds me of a beachy summer day! Wow! Not to mention the smell stays on your hair forever...I could still smell it on my hair two days after using it. I do not wash my hair every day if you were wondering.

My hair is really naturally wavy/frizzy texture. it is pretty thick and very dry at the middle to the tips and very oily at the roots. Very unmanageable to say the least.

This conditioner claims to have nourishing oils that restore the hair and give back the minerals and oils that it lacks which makes it very dry and frizzy and just lifeless. It says on the bottle that it revives dry, rough frizzy hair. That it does! After just one use of this product I saw a drastic and I do mean drastic difference in my hair! When I got out of the shower and brushed my hair, I could tell right away that it didn't feel as coarse as it normally does. As my hair began to dry *I let my hair air dry, I never blow dry my hair* it felt so incredibly silky! I could not stop running my fingers through my hair! The next morning I used my flat iron on my hair to straighten it and honestly my hair has never ever looked better! My hair was very shiny, very soft and silky and I just couldn't stop looking at my hair and feeling it! I was completely amazed! I just can't believe that this conditioner had such a major effect on my hair! Finally I can say that I love my hair!! I never knew I could have hair that looked like this. I was going to take a picture of my hair but my camera batteries were dead and my cell phone camera was just not doing it justice at all.

So final thoughts before this becomes a rambling novel...If you have hair like mine..coarse, dry, damaged, lifeless, frizzy hair...GET THIS PRODUCT. I didn't get the shampoo, I just grabbed the conditioner because I have dandruff and I use medicated shampoos mostly but I am going to go and pick up the shampoo as well after seeing what just one time using this conditioner on my hair did for it! This product is so inexpensive there isn't anyway you can afford not to try it!

If you try it, let me know what you think. If you have tried it in the past let me know how it worked for you. I'm just inlove with this little baby!

Have a very blessed weekend beauties!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just another Glamorous Day as a Mommy.

I literally just took this picture so now you can see what I look like while I'm talking to you ;)

I am currently taking a much needed break. One of the very few I have gotten today. This morning I had to be up by 5am in order to get myself ready before the kiddos got up at 7am because we had a very early doctors appointment. It's so crazy running around trying to get myself and the kids dressed and the diaper bag ready (yes, I still carry a diaper bag. Although there isn't any diapers in it I still use it to carry all the things I need out of my purse, snacks for the kids, wipes, an extra change of clothes for each kid etc because ya never know when your gonna need that kindof stuff when it comes to little munchkins) and make sure that they eat breakfast before we leave, everyone goes for their "just in case" pee and ready to leave. Ugh, that part alone is exhausting! LOL After the doc visit of course I had to make an unplanned trip to another hospital to pick up some records, and finally we were able to make it home in time for me to make lunch. While the kids were eating I started cleaning. There was plenty to cleanup after a morning of caos trying to get out the door on time. I was able to get all the cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting done in addition to also rearranging my kitchen, cabinets etc. I was very pleased with myself. :) By the time lunch was over and cleaning was done it was nap time for my babies. While they napped I had a lot of paperwork to work on and some phone calls to make to take care of some other business. By the time I got that done they kids were waking up from their nap, so I just finished making them a little snack and they are watching one of their favorite cartoons Peppa Pig. I figured before I have to start dinner that I would take a break and make me a nice big cappuccino and talk to you guys. ;) After dinner I'll have more cleanup to do and then I gotta workout ( 1 pound away from loosing all the weight I had gained back and getting back on track!), then bathtime and bedtime for the kids and shower for me then hopefully if I'm lucky I will be able to stay awake long enough to get some reading in.

Sheww! I'm exhausted just reading that...LOL It's not always the most glamorous job being a mommy but it sure is the most rewarding!! How did your day go? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Have ya started your Christmas shopping yet? We have picked up a few things for the stockings but nothing major yet. I'm hoping we get a chance to this weekend plus we are taking the kids to get a Christmas tree! Saturday is also our town's big holiday parade! I love this time of year!!
Well, time to make dinner. Hope you all are having a very blessed week!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mason Natural Weight Management Dietary Supplement

Big Lots $2.00 a bottle for 36 soft gels

I have been using this stuff on and off for awhile now, right at a year if not over a year, and it works amazing! I have mentioned it in the past on my channel when I was doing weightloss vlogs but thought I would do a blog post about it for those of you who might be interested in trying it out.

Now, I have never taken the Alli pill before, I bought it one time to take it but after hearing some of the things it did, I was to scared to take it so I took the kit back. I did however do alot of research into the Alli pill and what it did to you and side effects etc and to be completely honest with you guys this pill right here seems to do alot of what the Alli pill claims to do as well. No joke. This is a system cleansing pill. It also says that it helps to enhance your metabolism. It is a natural dietary supplement meaning that it is healthy for your body. It says that it promotes fat breakdown which is also something that the Alli pill claims it does. For those who may not be familiar with the Alli pill, it is very pricey. The kit that I bought was only a 30 day supply and it cost me $60.00! Yes, that's right..ugh..way to expensive for me. Not to mention I did read reviews about people who claimed that Alli really had some negative effects on their bodies and they didn't recommend taking it for an extended period of time. Now like I said, I have never taken it before but to be honest after reading up on what it does and after taking this pill for a good while and seeing the effects it has on my body I honestly don't know why anyone would want to spend the money on Alli when they could get this and not spend a third of the money on it and it work really well and in a healthy way. That's just me though.

Ok, let me warn some of you before you read any further. I am going to start talking about the effects that this pill has had on my body and it isn't going to be pretty, so that being said, if you have a weak stomach then do not read any further. I will try to keep it as clean and courteous as I can. I do not wish to gross anyone out. :)

This pill says to take three pills a day. One with each meal. It says you need to drink plenty of water. When I first took this pill I took my recommended three pills a day and I'm not sure if it was because I didn't drink enough water or what but I had some very bad stomach cramps later that night...horrible! However, once I went to the bathroom the cramps immediately went away. I had the cramps again the following day after taking my three pills. So, if your just starting out on these I would recommend not taking three pills your first day. I would take two the first day and two the second day and then three the third day. That way you could get your body used to them first. And yes, you need to drink water with these! Water is going to help the pills do their job.

I could tell almost immediately, well within the first few hours of taking them that they were working. I needed to go to the bathroom....alot...ugh..and it wasn't pleasant I will just say that. These really do honestly clean you out. They also really help with getting rid of that extra water weight! Don't misunderstand me and think that your always going to be in the, your not but you will need to go more regularly than you normally would. Once the pills have you cleaned out, you will be able to tell because honest to goodness I just felt so much better. I really did feel Funny sounding I know but let's be real here, it works!

I like to take these pills especially after my girlie time because let's face it girls, we all retain alot of water during that time and these really help to get all of that off after it's over with. I just started taking mine again about 4 days ago after not taking them for about four months and this morning when I stepped on the scales I could see a big difference in that number. I had lost 3.8 pounds in two days! No I wasn't starving myself. I was taking my three pills a day, not even drinking that much water *horrible I know, I need to drink alot more water. I will work on that :/* was only drinking 2 bottles of water and I did exercise in the evenings for 30 minutes doing cardio on my bike and arm weight lifting. That's it. So, the 3.8 pound loss was water weight but none the less it is still off of me. Water weight can make you feel just as horrible as fat weight. It makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable as well so I am glad to see it go and in just two days how can you beat that?!

So on a closing note...Yes, I would for sure check these babies out! Go to your Big Lots and look first. They cost $2.00. If you can't find them there then check Target and Walmart or your local drugstores. I haven't looked anywhere else for them other than my Big Lots because that is where I have always found them. Anyway, let me know if you have anymore questions and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

WEIGHTLOSS UPDATE: Over the course of the past four months I gained 8 pounds back out of the 45 pounds that I had originally lost. Bummer I know! :( But I did it to myself. Time to kick my own ass and get back at it. Over the course of two weeks, maybe not quite two weeks I have lost 6.4 of those pounds! Yay! I have 2.8 pounds left to loose before I am back to where I was when I started gaining. I am hoping to loose those within the next week and hopefully more! lol I have set a goal for myself to be 279 pounds by Christmas Day. That means I have 8.8 pounds to loose in a month and a half. I know I can do it! I am hoping to by pass that goal and be lower than that by Christmas Day but we will leave the goal at that and be really excited if I go lower than that! Anyway, talk to you lovely readers later and good luck if your on a weightloss journey. It takes awhile. Sometimes we fall but be proud that you always get back up and keep going! Do it at YOUR pace NOT someone else's!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Late Night Organizing & Rearranging

Today was a very exhausting day. Not to mention very stressful for me. Sooo needless to say, how do I deal with stress? No, I don't go out to have a drink. No, I don't go shopping *well, maybe not this time :)*. No, I don't go out and party. I am weird. I am To relieve my stress I rearrange furniture and organize. So after dinner tonight I decided that I was going to rearrange certain areas of my bedroom and organize some things. I originally planned to do this soon anyway because I needed to make adjustments and take care of some lighting issues when it came to filming videos when I come back next year and start making videos again. I needed to put my makeup area  near my window so that I could use the natural light to film tutorials with instead of the lamps that I had been using. I was so tired of the colors being off and everything just not looking the same in the video as it did when I would take pictures of the look. I'm hoping that now I have the problem taken care of.

I still have some other things to take care of concerning my videos before I do come back. Like I said already, I really want to not only take this time to get everything in my personal life taken care, focus on more family time, but also use this time to fine tune so to speak how I do my videos when I come back. I am still learning when it comes to making videos and although my videos won't be as grand as alot of youtubers, I know for a fact that they can be better than the ones I was putting out before. I have a whole list of things I want to do to hopefully better my videos and make them more enjoyable and more informational for you guys.

Anyway, it's been a very long tiring day and I'm ready for dreamland but below are some pictures of my new areas that I rearranged tonight. Have a very blessed weekend everyone!

I just had to take a pic of this little table. I love it! 
So cutsie poopsie!

 This is now my new makeup area. The window is pretty big so I should have some really good natural lighting for my tutorials. After watching pinksofoxy's organization videos, I went through all of my stuff and got rid of alot of makeup especially. I used to have about four drawers of just makeup items and now I have only the top drawer in this dresser and what yous see on top. I am very proud of myself! 

 I had so much crap hanging on the back of my door. I still do have alot of stuff on it but now I just have my most reached for purses and my favorite fall/winter pink fuzzy know it's fab! lol 

 This wall used to have the big dresser on it, the one I'm not using for my makeup area that I put infront of the window. I like it so much better this way because it frees up alot of walking room around our computer which we didn't have before and let's face it, in a small place like ours free space is good

This is the top of our printer. I just snapped this random pic, not sure why but thought I would throw it in. It's pretty cute. 

This used to be the place where I did my makeup. However the lighting just wasn't cutting it and despite the fact that I adore this vanity more than using a silly old dresser as a vanity, I couldn't move this one infront of the window because the big mirror on the back would have completely blocked out the window all together. Therefore, I had to just put some pretty stuff on the top of this one and use the silly old 

Nitie Nite! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

11-7-12 FOTD

Wet n wild Brulee for the lid and highlight.

Crease I used a light hand with a fluffy blending brush and dusted Jordana eyeshadow in Desert Spice.

Mascara is Prestige My Blackest Lashes.

Eyeliner is Urban Decay 24/7 Zero for waterline and NYC liquid liner for top lid.

Blush/bronzer is the duo from elf.

Highlight for cheeks is Sephora Golden.

Lipsticks are Wet n Wild matte #918D then I put Wet n Wild 99 cent lipstick in 514A over it to make it a more red color.

Foundation is Maybelline dream matte mousse with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder.

Concealer is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind the dark circles one in fair.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not better...just Forgiven

Have I ever said I was perfect?

Because I'm not! I make mistakes...EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Do I wish I wouldn't make mistakes?

Because then I would never be able to learn lessons.
I would never be able to truly appreciate life to the fullest.
I would never learn how to understand others who are not perfect either.
I would never know patience.
I would never know courage to stand up for what I believe in.
I would never know who I truly was as a person!

Life is about living...making mistakes and constantly learning.

John 8:7
So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'll keep my thoughts about this election to myself. However, this was to amazing not to post :)
Hope everyone is having a blessed week! Remember, don't be a follower just be yourself.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun Ideas for Christmas Decorating!

Christmas has always been one of my most favorite holidays! I have always enjoyed decorating and putting up the tree. One of my favorite things to do every Christmas is to sit around the tree late at night after everyone has gone to bed, no lights but the lights on the tree and just listen to some nice soft Christmas music and reflect on how blessed I truly am. It seems like around the Christmas holiday things become so much clearer in the sense that you really start to focus and pay attention to the small things in life and sit back and really enjoy them more. I wish it could be like that all year around, not sure why it couldn't, sometimes the world really gets in the way and becomes one big nasty distraction.  

Anyway, I am really looking forward to decorating this year for Christmas because I plan on making a lot of our decorations. I have never did this before and I think that it would be something really fun to start doing with the kids. We normally decorate for Christmas, put up our tree and everything the day after Thanksgiving. It is one of our family traditions *I'll share more of those with you guys in another blog post*. So, that time is only like three weeks away so I have been on Pinterest of course pinning away quite a few fun little things I have seen & I can't wait to start on them! I wanted to share some of the things I have found that I will be attempting to make this year for our decor. I am crossing my fingers that everything comes out cute enough to use because I'm not an extremely crafty 

Here are some of the things I am planning on making. If you make anything for your decor, leave me a comment below and share with me, I would love to hear! 

 We do this every year for the kids because of course we don't have a traditional fireplace for Santa to come down but we always just had them to put the key under the mat on Christmas Eve night before they went to bed. When I saw this I thought it was such a cute idea and will make it more special because the kids can actually pick out the ribbon to use for the bow and help make it as well! 

I thought these ornaments would be so cute to make for our tree! They are simple enough to where the kids can help, if not make them on their own and then save them to use every year. I am sure each year that we use them the memories we made making them the first year will be just amazing to experience over and over!

I completely fell inlove with both of these window treatments! They look so easy to do it's almost like..why didn't I think of that already! lol I love what the lights in the bottom picture look like behind the sheer curtains. Those curtains are the exact same as the ones I currently have up in our livingroom so it will be perfect! I thought the hanging bulbs would look really cute in our kitchen & bedroom windows. 

Normally every year we just put up outside lights and then a wreath on the front door, but after seeing how cute these look I'm for sure making these this year to also put outside to line our walkway with!

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things I am planning on making this year for decor. I think they all look fairly simple especially for someone like me who isn't that great with 
I will see you all in my next blog post & I hope your holiday season is filled with many blessings! 


Love This!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

LA Colors $1 Lipsticks

I wanted to do a blog post on these lipsticks because I have had them for awhile now and I really enjoy them. They are so inexpensive. Most dollar tree stores have one or more of these and they are just an all around great lipstick. 

I find that they go on really nice. Certain colors go on a little better than others but for the most part all of them are pretty nice. 
I really like that they don't settle into the lines on your lips. 
My lip are horrible when it comes to wearing lipsticks. I find that most lipsticks settle into my lines and just make my lips look really gross. However, these lipsticks have never did that. Most of the time I don't even wear lip gloss with them because they are not drying at all. I have never had any problems with the packaging as far as lids coming off while in my purse or anything like that or lids cracking. I think for the most part these are a great find and most certainly worth a buck! 
So if you see them, pick one up and give it a try. Below are the pictures of the ones I have. I have taken pics of them with the flash and without so hopefully you can get a good idea of the true colors on each one. 

This one is my favorite out of the 5 I have. 
This one reminds me so much of an old Avon lipstick that I loved when I was in high school, it was called Shimmering Shell. 

This one is a very pretty pink color. I really love this color, however this is one that I don't wear that often just because it doesn't go extremely well with my skintone. I find that I can only pull it off when I have a brown smokey eye and wear bronzer and a more mauve blush. 

This red lipstick is HOT! This is my go to red lipstick believe it or not.
*and I do have quite a few red lipsticks*
It is the most moisturizing out of the ones I have and seems to last the longest. 
This is a more orangish base red tone as opposed to a more blue based red. 

Love this one as well but as you can see from the pictures, this one is the least pigmented out of the ones I have. It would show up better on someone who doesn't have really pigmented lips. My lips are really pigmented naturally so this color barely shows up on me. 

My second favorite out of the ones I have and my second most worn! 
This is just an overall gorgeous color that works well with my skin tone and most eyeshadow combinations. It is a more mauve lilac/pinkish purple color. It does have a frost/pearl finish. 

Well that's it. I guess overall thought on these are that they are very worth the price and then some and I would most certainly recommend these. So if you see them in your dollar tree GRAB THEM UP LIKE A GREMLIN! lol 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Bullying is bullying I don't care how you wanna slice it. No matter if it's an instance such as one that is listed below in the picture OR something else that is said about someone...over and over and over and over...getting worse and worse as it progresses. It's NOT constructive criticism, it's NOT giving helpful's plain out bullying. It doesn't make a difference how old the person is..young or old it doesn't change the fact that it is what it is. period! Even if the person themselves might have said something about you in the past or ticked you off in some way in the past it still doesn't make it right, for you nor for them. Part of being an adult is being wise enough to know that just because this person has pissed me off or hurt my feelings in the past doesn't mean that I need to stoop to their level and become a child and bully them over and over to prove my point. Maturity isn't a number, it's a frame of mind and knowing deep down what the right way to react to a person or situation is and actually DOING IT! Bullying isn't right at any age but it's especially ridiculous when it comes from adults that are trying to justify what they are saying as something other than that. I have seen it time and time again. It's completely ridiculous. Why? Why does it make anyone feel good to demean someone else? Even if the person you are picking apart or putting down has hurt your feelings in the past, why do you feel like it's ok to then hurt them? Two wrongs DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT! Think what you want but I don't care who you are, if it were your son, daughter, sister, brother and you were seeing the pain in their eyes then you would care. STOP THE BULLYING! This world is messed up enough, we don't need to add to it. NO ONE IS PERFECT! NOT YOU, NOT ME..NO ONE! Everyone at one point in their life has said or done something that they regret, you can't change it, you can just move forward and learn from it. It's not to late to change situations. It really isn't.