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REVIEW: S.he Makeup Lipsticks!

Ok my loves! I have a review on these beauties for you guys! I am so excited to talk to you all about these lipsticks. It was pure accident that I stumbled upon them at my local King Dollar store (store kindof like Dollar Tree but instead of everything being one dollar, everything is $1.15). My store had a pretty huge color selection of these lipsticks but being that they were in such a store as the King Dollar, which I'm not knocking in anyway, I have actually found some great finds in the King Dollar. However, on the other hand I have also found some big duds. So, that being said I didn't want to pick up too many of them just incase they weren't that great. I chose three of them. 

First, let's talk about the packaging. It is so pretty! It is a glossy finish with an ombre effect of hot pink chrome and black. It doesn't get much better than that. As you can see in the above photo, each lipstick also has a color block on the end of it that shows you what the color of the lipstick will look like. Now if your anything like me you don't trust those little color blocks for nothing because 9 times out of 10 they are way off and the actual color of the lipstick is no where near what they show them to be. However, that was NOT the case with these! I was completely shocked at just how accurate the color blocks on these lipsticks were! They were pretty much spot on! Overall, I would have to get the packaging a 10 out of 10 kisses because there just isn't anything bad to say about it. 

Now for the actual lipstick. Once I opened the tubes and saw that the color of the lipsticks were pretty much spot on to the color block on the lipstick tube I was even more excited! The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks was just how truly beautiful the colors were. After swatching each one I knew immediately that these would be in my top favorite lipsticks of my collection. They were so pigmented! They were very creamy, literally glided on like butter! The smell is a mild fruity smell, not to over powering and it doesn't leave any sort of taste in your mouth after you apply them. The color comes off beautifully on the lips and that is saying alot considering that my lips are pretty pigmented and the colors looked amazing on my lips even without any sort of base to tone down the natural color of my lips. I would say that I give the formula of the lipsticks a 9 out of 10 kisses! The reason for this is because I think that the consistency is a bit to creamy in a way and if you have dry, lips or chapped lips then these lipsticks are gonna show it. That is the only bad thing I can say about these lipsticks. My only regret is that I didn't buy more of them but hopefully they will still be there when I go back to my store in a couple weeks! 

As for where you can find these lipsticks.....
If you have a King Dollar then try there first. Otherwise, try Amazon. I know for a fact that they are on there. I saw them any where from $5.99 each to 3 for $5.99.
You can also take a look at there website to see what other products they offer. 
Just click HERE!

Ok ladies, that pretty much does it for my review of these lipsticks. 
Below are a few more pictures of the lipsticks I got. 

This is Ballerina. This one is by far my favorite! 
It's the perfect light baby pink color! 

This one is in NUDE. 
This one has a satin finish but it almost has a slight frost or pearlescent sheen to it. Very pretty! 

This is in Peach. 
Very beautiful peachy nude color. It is completely satin/cream finish. No glitter or sparkle at all. 

Thanks so much for reading!


VLOGMAS: Week #2 (Dec 7- Dec 12)

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Eddie Funkhouser 12 Days of Giveaways! ENTER NOW!

EDDIE FUNKHOUSER 12 Days of Giveaways! ENTER NOW!!

Hey Loves!
I am beyond excited to get to announce this giveaway for you all! I hope you will be sure to enter. You could be the WINNER! 

I wanted to do this blog post in addition to my giveaway video which can be found by going to my youtube channel HERE. All rules for entering the giveaway can be found in the information box under the giveaway video on my channel. Please be sure to read them and follow them.
 In the video I do show swatches but the lighting wasn't that great due to the weather I was having that day so I figured a blog post with better pictures would help you all out in seeing what amazing shadows these are! 
So without anything further here are the pictures and also a little bit about Eddie's shadows. 

You can find these shadows by going to the Eddie Funkhouser website HERE
There are a total of 12 eyeshadows, with finishes that range from matte to satins. Some might have a little bit of shimmer or even a frosty/duo chrome look to them. The price on these single shadows is $8.49 each. 

The set you could win includes:
Silver Lining
Unseen Rain
Cha Cha Cha


Limelight- looks like a gorgeous pearlescent mint green

Goldie- a beautiful pearlescent ivory/yellow color with a gold duo chrome undertone.
(This is my favorite! Looks great as a cheek bone highlight color)

Silver Lining- stunning platinum silver color

Unseen Rain- I love the name of this one! This one is a pretty pearlescent light denim blue color. 

U NV ME- such a pretty emerald green color! Perfect color for the Land of Oz!

Cha Cha Cha- This a a gorgeous delicate pink/coral color. This would make a perfect color for a Valentine's Day look for a night out with that special someone!

SWATCH PIC: Silver Lining, Limelight, and Unseen Rain

SWATCH PIC: Cha Cha Cha, U NV ME, and Goldie


"Made from premium micromilled pigments, theEDDIE FUNKHOUSER® HYPERREAL EYE COLORSare vibrant shadows with ultra smooth blendability for silky application that lasts. The versatile range of on-trend colors comes in multiple finishes–matte, pearl and shimmer–to create eye-catching gradients, textures and effects."

For a list of the other bloggers/vloggers hosting a giveaway, please click HERE

Thanks so much for reading! 
Good luck to everyone who enters! 

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