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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Matte Blue+Blue Glitter= ShaBANG!

I recently went to Walmart to pick up some random things for the kids..diapers, etc. I didn't have much cash on me but after I picked up the things I needed to get, I had a little left over so I decided to make a trip to the makeup isle. I was in desperate need for some more Lash Blast mascara (that stuff is truely amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for an awesome mascara!). Anyway, moving on.......after I picked up my mascara I went down to the nailpolishes...the cheap Love My Nails, NYC, PURE Ice, etc brands. Well needless to say I came away with 4 new bottles of nailpolish that night and it only cost me $6.00!

After I got home, I decided to do my nails, they were in major need of it. So, I picked out one of my LA Colors polishes that I had bought but never tried yet and was aching to see what it looked like on my nails. It is a polish from their Color Craze collection. The name of it is "Static Electricity". It is a beautiful matte blue color. I also decided to use one of my new polishes that I just bought. It is the PURE Ice brand and it is in the color "Strapless". It is a gorgeous blue glitter. I put two coats of the Static Electricity on and then topped it off with two coats of the Strapless and let me tell you guys I AM IN LOVE!!!! This is by far my favorite nails that I have had in a very long time. The blue is so vibrant and just pops! The blue glitter on top just makes the nails shimmer extremely well and just makes the whole blue color that much more beautiful!! If you can find these two polishes I highly recommend you get them quick because you certainly won't be sorry if your a fan of blue nails like me. You can find the LA Colors polish at some of the local dollar stores for about $1.00 or if you can't find them there, look on I know for sure they have them there and they also carry this particular collection, the Color Craze collection. However, you will spend a bit more for it there, I think they are $3.00 on that site, but totally worth it!

Below are some pictures of my nails and the nailpolishes. The very bottom picture is of all four of the polishes I bought that night as well.

This is the LA Colors polish.

Here is the PURE Ice it!

Here is a picture of all four polishes I bought at Walmart that night.
Left to Right: Love My Nails in "Glory" $1.00 (this polish is clear with red & blue flecks of glitter and silver stars in it) next is the PURE Ice in "Strapless" $2.00 (blue glitter) then we have another PURE Ice in "Cheatin" $2.00 (this polish is a beautifl purple glitter with tiny flecks of blue and pink glitter in it, but the blue and pink is really suddle and gives the polish an overall beautiful color to it) and then last we have another Love my Nails brand in "Star Bright" $1.00 (this polish is a clear polish with tiny flecks of holographic glitter in it and baby pink and purple stars! Very cute!)

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