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Friday, January 8, 2010

Makeup & Nail Stuff ♥


I know it's been like 4ever & a day since I have made a blog post. I am so bad at keeping up with blogs. It just comes down to basic laziness pure and simple on my Anyway, thought I would make a post to "show off" as some might say my makeup & nail stuff. And ya know what...who cares..maybe I am showing off. Yeah most of my stuff came from the Dollar Tree and places like that, but why shouldn't I be proud that I am a GREAT bargain shopper?! Your damn right I am going to show it off...because that shows you guys one thing...that you can have it all to for a very cheap price w/o comprimising your wallets nor the quality of the products. Most of the stuff you find at the Dollar stores now days is great stuff..Maybelline, Revlon, LA Colors, Sally Hanson, etc..etc! So yes I am proud of my stuff and I am here to show it

Drawer storage: bought at Walmart..wide one was $9 and the slimmer one was $7.
The white flat storage trays are silverware seperators: bought at the Dollar Tree $1 each.
The little shelf thing sitting behind my mirror: FREE from mother in law
The black stand that most is sitting on: tv stand from Walmart $16
Lighted makeup mirror: $20 at Target
Makeup brush holders: Glass containers from Dollar Tree $1 each. pink hearts to fill them from Target $1 per bag
Makeup Brushes: Most of them are from ELF's professional line and their studio line. Professional line brushes are $1 each & studio line brushes are $3 each & the kabukis are $5 for the face one and $8 for the body one. The other brushes are just misc. drugstore brushes I have picked up over the years.

Anymore questions about anything in the pic..just ask!

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