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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shine from Inside

Great advice I'd say. At least it hit home for me. Speaking for myself only in this post (although I'm sure there are many more reading this that are just like me, I'm not THAT special *wink*), I often times get caught up in the most insignificant things. Youtube videos, what's on TV, what new app to download for my phone, what color to paint my nails next, and the list goes on and on. There is no end to the madness. I find that when I am focusing more on these types of things I'm not the person I would wanna be. Superficial things have a way of taking control over my life at times I'm sad to say. However, in that same breath I will say that I always get a grip again pretty quickly. That's mostly due in part to the good Lord above putting me in my place. I am so beyond thankful and grateful for that. Anyway, I'm getting off on a rambling tangent so I will wrap this up. 

Final thought: I'm no better than anyone of you reading this & vice versa. We all make mistakes & hopefully your the type of person to learn and grow from them. Point is though that it's never to late to step back and reevaluate life even if you have to do it many many MANY times throughout your time in this world. Remember one thing, what sets you apart from a lost cause is the fact that you keep and want to keep trying to better yourself/life in some way. I don't care how many times we fall off the wagon, what really counts is how many times you get your ass up and keep getting back on until you get it right. 

Be the change you wanna see❤️


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