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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I went shopping last night and I bought a ton of stuff! Mostly makeup and haircare products, but I did buy a couple bottles of nail polish and a makeup case amoung a few other small things. I will be doing a BIG haul video on my YouTube Channel soon on everything that I bought. So be sure to check it out when I post it. It should be either sometime today or deffiantely tomorrow. I am not sure how the twins are going to be today and if I will get a spare moment to actually sit down and do it. It more than likely is going to be two videos at least because like I said there is alot of stuff and my camera's memory card only lets me record up to I think 5 minutes at a time. It may even be three videos worth. Just have to wait and see. Toodles for now Lovelies!

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