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Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Nail Station & Nail Supply Storage Idea!

I recently watched a fellow youtubers video on their nail area they had in their makeup room to do their nails. I was inspired to create an area like that in my makeup studio as well because most of the time I have no place to sit and do my nails, I'm either sitting at the kitchen table or on the couch in our livingroom and both places are not only not the best for application but I am also disturbed alot. So, now I have a little place where I can enjoy doing my nails without being disturbed.

Also, just wanted to share a little idea/tip with you all about how to store your nail supplies. If you will notice the first picture is a picture of a jewerly organizer which I have plenty of in my makeup room already storing my jewerly and I must say they have made my life so much easier since I have gotten them (thanks to my friend Sharlene!), however I had one extra that I wasn't using so when I was making my nail station area I needed a place to store my nail supplies because the drawers in the dresser that I am using for my nail station aren't reliable at all and can't be used. I thought I would try out the jewerly organizer and it works perfect! Now I can see all of my stuff, it is easy to hang so it won't be in the way and it is really a nice clean easy access way to get to my nail supplies now. So if you have any old jewerly organizers like this you might want to pull them out even if you don't need them for nail supplies they would be perfect for so much more than just organizing your jewerly!

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