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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 Great Anxiety/Panic Coping Apps

For those who may not watch my videos on my new vlogging channel on youtube GettinRealwithVee, you may not be aware of my issues dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. However, alot of you are aware of it and I wanted to do a blog post on my two favorite android apps that I have found that have been helping me cope with my condition in addtion to my counseling that I do go to as well. Both of these apps are really great and IMO are the best out of the 5 or 6 different apps pertaining to this issue that I have reviewed over the past week.

First, I will give you the link to each app on the Android Market so that you can go there and read the description for yourselves. Then below that I will post the link to the recent video I just did on both apps going into a little more detail about each app. Hope this helps someone the way they have helped me.

SIDE NOTE: If you have an iphone you also may wanna look into both of these apps. They might also be available in the iphone market or at least might have similar apps that you could use.

Relax Lite: Stress Relief:

Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help:

Here is my video I just did on both apps:

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