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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kleancolor Nailpolishes

Okay I have no idea why you do not see more of these polishes talked about around the beauty communities. They are amazing! IMO they are better than any China Glaze polish or Essie polish *and yes, I do own both brands*. Not only are the color choices beautiful and some of the most unique that I have ever seen, but they are incredibly inexpensive and usually one coat leaves you with the perfect opaque color!

Kleancolor nailpolishes can be bought at a few different places:

Beauty Supply Stores in your area

And I'm sure there are many more places as well. If you know of any additional places that they can be purchased, please leave a comment under this post so that others can also get that information! Thanks!!

Anyway, the next time you see a Kleancolors nailpolish and think that just because it is way to inexpensive to be a good polish *normally only $1.oo!*, think again! They are amazing..but I'll leave you with some pictures of my nails that I used Kleancolor polishes on and let you be the judge.

This is Kleancolor METALLIC GREEN!
*and of course two Sinful Colors polishes, one in 24/7 which is the hot pink and the green glitter one is in the color Green Ocean*

This is probubly now one of my favorite Kleancolor polishes.
I get so many people telling me how pretty and sparkly my nails are when I wear this one! Plus it is such a delicate girlie color and how can you go wrong with that?! This color is LILAC SPARK!

The pic below is of Kleancolor METALLIC FUSHIA *this was my second Kleancolor I became obsessed with*with Kleancolor AUROA glitter over the accent nail.

This is my daughter's little piggies lol She has on all Kleancolor polishes. Metallic Green, Lilac Spark, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Orange & Purple Velvet.

The last two pictures here are of my first Kleancolor polish. I bought it off of Amazon for under $2.00. I became obsessed with getting it after I saw the color of it in some google images. This is Kleancolor polish in METALLIC WHITE!


  1. These are all fun and lovely. The sparkly ones look 'soft' if that makes any sense. I do enjoy seeing those. They almost seem calming, if that makes any weird sense.
    I'll have to keep my eyes open as to where to buy these around here.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Fun.

  2. Where did u find the klean color polishes? I think one of the rite aids by me sells them, but I keep forgetting to check....also, the nails I bought from deals have sizes one thru eleven...twelve nails in the box but they are each a different size....i got four boxes of cute nails and can't use them...why would they stock a box of nails that nonone could use?