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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Home Decor...

As the winter winds down for us Texans I find myself even more anxious for spring to get here. Not only for the flowers and the birds chirping and the warmer weather, even though all those things are wonderful, but mostly for spring cleaning, organizing, and just getting rid of a ton of clutter. I know I am completely weird maybe but I do look forward to it. Thinking about it is making me also want to change up some decor throughout my house, mostly my kitchen area. I was recently at Walmart browsing one day and happened to finally find the clearance isle, which was located at the back of my particular store near the pet food. I found some really cute planters with fake grass/wheat looking plants sticking out of it and it gave me a great vision for how I want my kitchen to look. So I bought them and hence the project

The planters were marked down to an amazing price! All three *which are pictured below* were marked down to only $2.00 each! The longer planter was originally $20.00, I couldn't believe the mark down and neither could the lady who checked me out. All three planters are Better Homes and Gardens brand and they are very nice. Now I want to build the rest of my kitchen decor around these and go with a more wicker/bamboo/shabby chic look..yeah I know that sounds like a odd combination but the vision I have in my mind is just so beautiful to me. I am going to be doing this very slowly and not rushing things beause I want to find just the perfect pieces to put all this together but as I go along I will be sure to post progress pictures here.

My table is my first big project. I just bought the four white chairs at a garage sale. Got all four of them for $40.00, which is a very good deal because they are antique type chairs and very strudy. They are already a bit distressed but I want to distress the edges a bit more. I also want to either find a light tan table cloth or either get a light wood table to match a little better, but in the meantime I found these really cute bamboo placemats at my dollar tree that look so cute for the present time. Who knows maybe I will even keep them there. Depends on how long they last around two 4 year
Oh I forgot to mention to that the flower centerpiece in the middle of my table is also from Walmart and is a Better Homes and Gardens brand and was also marked down to only two dollars. I orignally bought it to put on my little table that I have out on our patio but changed my mind when I saw how cute it looked on the table. It's a work in progress but I'm going to have fun shopping around for just the right pieces and putting it all together.

I also set out to find just the perfect comforter set for my bed. I had an image in my mind of one that I wanted and imagine my suprise one day when I found almost the exact same one in my Big Lots! I snatched it up right away! It was a great deal. It was $59.99 and came with a comforter, bed skirt, two pillow cases, and three decorative pillows.
*it is also pictured below but in this picture I had not put on the bed skirt yet, but it is now on and looks even better!*

Anyway, I just wanted to share all of this with you guys and like I said I will be doing other blog posts with updates as it comes along.
Be blessed and have a great week!
Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. ...oooooh!! vee, i love the bedspread! isnt big lots great!? i just got my bedset there too! 8 pieces for $26!! it's gorgeous! looks like something from a catalogue! great find! i just started a blog (its easier and more fun for me than youtube) and i would love if you woukd subscribe! please. pass the word along :) skippy's boutique is the name. thank you! have a great week! <3...