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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Favorite Leisure Lip Balms...

I wear these all the time...they are not only cute but I love how they keep my lips feeling, the texture of all of them and the fact that they were all cheap! They work and they were can you beat that!!

(If you see this one at your local Dollar Tree store....GET IT! You won't regret it. This lipgloss is thick, moisturizing and not sticky at all! It comes with two tubes in a little box for one dollar...there is also a pink and white swirl kind only it is called IT'S A GIRL THING, but they are the exact same lipglosses)

(The Hello Kitty one I bought awhile back at Target in the dollar section. The middle one is a lip balm from has a pineapple taste to it, which I love because it takes me back to some great memories from my childhood ☺ The Mtn Dew one my sister bought me at Walmart and I have to say it suprised me. I thought it would be not so great beacause of what it was but it is one of my favorite lip has a nice thick texture, not sticky at all and very very moisturizing...if you see these in your favorite drink...get it!!)


  1. I saw the it's a girl thing gloss, and the other one in my dollar tree today... gotta pick them up... I've been using vitamin E on my lips but the taste is meh. Hopefully these have a better flavor!!!

  2. The It's a Girl thing def has a good flavor..not to strong at all. Quite nice. I think your going to like it.