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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never Thought I'd be so Happy to loose my PANTS!

OMG I was in my makeup room last night doing my nails and I had to get up and grab something and when I did, my shorts totally fell down to my feet!! LOL! These same shorts that I had worn just three weeks ago and never budged when I put them on they stayed in place were now down around my feet and all I could do is stand there smile and do my best not to cry! I was so over joyed! The scales have not moved that much..maybe half a pound or so but not much, but evidently my body is toneing up from some of the walking I have been doing and from me riding my stationary bike. I feel great!

The fasting is still going really good. The past couple of days I have had to break my fast with a bananna during the day but nothing really substantial until my time to eat at 5pm. I have been exercising too every evening and really enjoying it. Walking with my sister is alot of fun, we talk and laugh and play around on our phones, listen to our music & giggle like a bunch of high school girls and I love ever second of it. Before I know it we have walked twenty laps around our apartment complex and it is dark and I am feeling great! Sometimes I even jump on my bike once I come in from my walk. I am trying really hard not to obsess over the scales not moving that much because I don't want to discourage myself like I did last year when I hit my plateaus, because it is going to happen, but apparently even though I haven't lost much weight since my last entry, my body is toneing up because my pants are getting bigger!

The only bad day that I have had since my last entry was yesterday and I was extremely grumpy. I dunno why, but I was. I felt really hungry to even after eating my normal fast breaking bananna, so instead of grabbing something else I just put the kids down for a nap and went and took a shower, got my makeup on, put on a nice outfit, did my hair and I felt ALOT better and didnt mess up my day as far as food goes. I was really proud of myself. That is very important, that when you do something good and succeed over a hardship, it is so important to toot your own horn so to speak and give yourself a nice pat on the back because you do deserve it! You faught the battle and won! I am not ashamed for saying I did great.

I am still feeling really energized and feeling really good about all of this. I can't wait to see more shrinkage! lol Talk to you all agian in a couple days! Any questions just ask!

CURRENT WEIGHT: 295.8 pounds!

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