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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Pound Bites the Dust!

Thats right! I am down another pound...woot! So excited! I think I might reward myself once I hit the 20 pound loss mark. I think it is very important to do that so that you have something to work toward and look forward to. Not sure yet what I am going to reward myself with but it will NOT be food. I never understand when people do that. Anyway, today wasn't such a great day. I made chicken salad last night and that is one of my favorite foods, even though I did great last night for dinner, there were leftovers and I couldn't resist them today so I actually didn't fast today. I ate lunch and dinner today and even though the things I ate were ok and mostly healthy, I still felt horrible that I had did that and not to mention my body just felt bloated. I was really disappointed in myself, but on the other hand this has been my first day in over 20 that I have been doing this that I have messed up, so I am not going to be that hard on myself. Plus I did a really good workout tonight. I rode my bike and burned 418 calories and then I did 110 ab crunches, stretches and even did some arm weights. I felt really great afterwards too. Other than the mess up today, everything seems to be going good! I am officially 118.6 pounds away from my goal weight. Which is still a lot but considering when I started this on September 6th I was 132 pounds away from my goal weight...that amazes me and I continue to be proud of myself. So, guess that does it for tonight. It is time for bed for me, I am exhausted. Talk to you all again in another couple days!


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