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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm Melting Away!!

I still have ALOT of melting to do believe me, but regardless, I am melting! It has been about a week and a half since my last entry and I am excited to say I am still doing good! The weight is still coming off! However, it isnt coming off as fast as it was in the beginning and I know that is due to water weight. In the beginning of any weightloss program that you go on, your body looses most of it's water weight first. That is why it seems like you loose alot more weight quicker in the beginning. Do not be fooled by the scales slowing down though, the weight is still and will still come off as long as you stick with it. I know you have probubly heard this saying a million times but here, make this a million and one did not gain this weight over night and it isn't going to come off over night! I have to remind myself of this all the time. I am just happy that the numbers are getting smaller!

I am still doing the intermittent fasting. However, there have been days that I have not fasted and just ate tiny bits during the day and then ate my normal dinner. I dont do that often but some days you just feel like you need to eat and I allow myself to do that but just not alot. I am still doing my fasting for the majority of the week. I was doing some research though and I did find out that it is important to allow yourself ONE cheat day a week when you are trying to loose weight because your body gets so used to being calorie deprived and that is when you start hitting those plateaus alot more. So to keep that from happening as often, allow yourself to cheat one day a week. By cheat I do not mean to eat every piece of chocolate in sight, although that would be beautiful wouldn't it!? LOL! NO! You have came to far for that! For my cheat day I always make it a Saturday. I do not fast on Saturdays, since I do fast during the week. On Saturdays I eat 2 meals instead if ONE! I do not eat a ton of junk food, I do allow myself one chocolate goody that day though. Just keep the cheat day in moderation, don't go wild because it is called a cheat day. If you keep things under control even on this day then you will be doing your body alot of good as oppossed to just sticking to your weightloss program 24/7. Lets face it, who likes to do the same thing over and over and over. It gets boring. Your body needs a change once in awhile to keep things spicey so to speak for it...LOL. Reward your body the RIGHT way and it will reward you back!

Anyway, that is my progress up until now as well as some helpful advice that I have found out since my last entry. Hope you all are doing great. I will post again in another week or so! Below is my weighin!!

Weighin on October 8, 2011: 291.6 pounds!!!

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  1. Hey girlie! :) Can you make a post of what foods you are purchasing at the grocery store? I am finding it hard buying stuff to mix it up. I tend to buy the same thing over and over because I know it's good for me. However, this gets boring and when I'm bored I tend to give up. Also, please check out my blogspot. Hopefully, you'll find some good stuff on there. :)