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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UPDATE: Weightloss Since the Holidays

Hey everyone, I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and a very safe and Happy New Year! Unfortunately our new year didn't start out to well. Both of my kids are very sick right now and I had a horrible stomach virus for a couple days. Its been about two weeks now since we all have gotten sick and I am better now but the kids are still sick and my husband is now getting what they have. We were in the ER with them yesterday. They have upper respiratory infections and mild ear infections. Not fun. But they woke up this morning and seem to be feeling a bit better so I am really glad of that.

All that being said, brings me to my weightloss update. I have not been doing intermittent fasting. Not because I have been having problems with it, or don't like it, because I love doing it and still think it is the best weightloss plan so to speak that I have ever tried to loose weight. But being that it was the holidays, I was just entirely to selfish to give up eating. I plan on starting intermittent fasting again soon, not exactly sure of an exact date yet but it will be after the kids get better for sure because I just don't have the time to properly focus on anything but getting them well. I did gain a few pounds of the weight I had lost back over the holidays but since I was sick and since the kids have been sick I have been so worried and being that I am the only one taking care of them because my husband works very long hours and is on call 24/7, I have lost that weight that I had gained and a couple more pounds with it, so I guess it was a blessing in disguise. I will keep you guys posted on when I start intermittent fasting again, will deff be within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime here is my current weight.

Current Weight on 1-3-12: 287 pounds!

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