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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Bit of Therapy...

Good morning Beauties!

I say good morning because it's currently 9:46am. A bit early for my brain to actually want to sit down and write a blog post but I figured what the hey. Today, is a day that I most certainly will NOT be getting out of my comfy pjs. I feel blessed to be able to make that choice. Yesterday was not a great day for me in my personal life. There was alot that went on yesterday and at the end of the day I found myself not only physically drained but emotionally and mentally drained. After all was said and done I was very angry, disappointed and relieved all that the same time. I didn't know that those particular emotions could all be felt at the same time but I felt them. Let's just say that I am glad that day is over and that I had a nice resting nights sleep because I am feeling alot better today. Sometimes things just don't work out the way you plan on them working out. That's ok, really it is. I know you may feel let down or disappointed in the presence of the situation but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and if something doesn't work out, well then it's because it wasn't meant to in the first place. Time to move on. On to the next adventure. 

When I sat down to write this post I had no clue what I was going to write about, only that I wanted to put up a post. Maybe not so much for you, my readers, but maybe more for just myself as therapy in a way. Sometimes you just need to hear yourself say things in order to come to terms with them. This past couple weeks have been extremely stressful for me. More so than any time that I can remember recently. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure not near as stressful than most people have it but way more stress than what I am used to. My body is reacting to it and I'm going through all sorts of emotions and it's just been crazy. All of the stress was coming from one certain thing in my life that I was chosen to do, something that I wanted to do so bad, or rather "thought" I wanted to do so bad. Honestly, thinking about it now, I really don't think I did want to. From the day this event so to speak came into my life, it was complete disaster trying to plan things to prepare for the actual event date. It seemed like one thing after another was going wrong, constant drama, nothing working out. Stressful days, complete let downs, sleepless nights wondering and worrying and even some praying. I am here to tell all of you reading this right now, that if something in your life is causing you this much stress and grief, nothing is working out as planned....and I mean NOTHING! Then you really need to step back and reevaluate the situation and whether you should be doing it in the first place OR if it is something that is really for you. This offer so to speak was something that I was presented with because of my youtube channel and my passion for makeup and beauty. Everyday I see new girls signing on to do youtube in hopes that one day they can be approached to do offers such as the one I am referring to. They think how magical it seems and how important it sounds. I felt the same way. Honestly though it's not. There is always a darker side to everything. There is always underlying rules that you aren't made aware of until the last minute. If something sounds to good to be true then it most usually ALWAYS is. Without going to much into it, I guess for my closing I just want to comfortable with your life in the now. There is nothing wrong with wanting more or hoping for more, praying for more or striving for more. However, you have to be comfortable where you are now in your life and love the life your in now because in the end, if your goal or dream doesn't work out, it's that life that you are going to be going back to and if your not happy with it or appreciate it then you are going to live a life of misery. Strive for your dreams always but don't forget where you came from. Be happy about where you came from because without that starting point, you wouldn't be headed the way your going. You are you for a reason. Your life is the way it is for a reason. Sure it could be worse. Sure it could be better but all in all it's yours and you should be appreciative. Every struggle and every success story that you have had in your life up until this point is the driving force behind where you will eventually end up! You need every single struggle as much as you need every single success. We have to learn to be happy with what we have before we can appreciate anything more. 

With that I will close. I hope you all have a beautiful fantastic Tuesday. Love and appreciate each and every single one of you who take the time out of your day to read my posts! 


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