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Thursday, June 18, 2009

BH Cosmetics 88 Shimmer Palette

Hey everyone!

The long awaited moment has come and the wonderful UPS man delivered my 88 Shimmer Palette! I am so excited to get it. I did NOT order it from Coastal Scents, I ordered mine from

Not only are they cheaper on the palettes but their shipping is ALOT cheaper than Coastal Scents. I originally was going to order it from CS but when I went to place my order they were going to charge me somewhere around $12.00 just for the shipping on the same EXACT palette! So I said no flippen way! Then one of my fellow YouTubers told me about this site called BH Cosmetics that was selling the SAME EXACT palettes for cheaper. Of course I was extremely skeptical but I had to check it out and I went to their site and read all of the reviews from their customers, which all gave them 5 stars and saw for myself that they were indeed the same exact ones that CS is selling and they were cheaper and the shipping was so much cheaper. Here is the comparison prices for you guys to show you what I mean:

This is the prices including shipping for the 88 Shimmer Palette:

Coastal Scents Prices: $24.95 for the 88 Shimmer Palette
+$11.49 for shipment to me (I live in Texas)

BH Cosmetics Prices: $21.95 for the 88 Shimmer Palette
+$7.95 for shipment to me

So you guys do the math. Which would you prefer? Plus the ones from BH Cosmetics ship within 24 hours! How can you go wrong with that? My palette arrived to me in a med. sz brown box, it was wrapped in bubble wrap and had brown paper stuffed around it in the box and the box was marked "FRAGILE" My palette was in perfect condition when I got it. Not one single eyeshadow was flawed or broken. So deffo 5 STARS for BH Cosmetics and I will be ordering from them from now on when it comes to the palettes. Below are some pictures of the palette to show you guys that it is the same palette that CS offers. Also, there are some swatches of the colors.
Enjoy Hotties!!

The 88 Shimmer Palette:

Here is a pic showing the size of the shadows compared to a dime. I was a bit disappointed that the size was so small but I mean come on...who uses that much eyeshadow anyway. It's just they did look bigger in the YouTube videos that I saw of this palette.

And here are some swatches that I did from random colors in the palette on my fingers.
I do NOT have any primer on my fingers in this picture.

And here is a picture of some swatches I did on my arm of some random colors from the palette. I did apply my homemade primer to my arm before I did the swatches.


  1. i love this pallette like who need so many expensive eyeshadows for like 20 bucks get 88 really nice one great pics :)

  2. I love the 28 neutral palette I got from CS a few months ago....don't know if BH has that one, but it's my go to for everyday makeup. I's the one I took to Vegas. Great review...thanks!