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Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh NO...not AGIAN!!

Ok guys, I am deffo not going to be making any youtube vids for a few days agian. I went to the beach on Saturday (June 27th) and got myself burnt to a crisp agian! Trust me, that exclamation mark isnt for excitement. It was strictly unintentional, I spent most of the time under the umbrella with my son because he was kindof cranky. We were there for a total of like four hours and I think combined total time of me in the sun was like maybe two hours but I highly doubt it and BAM!!! I never expected it, but this time it is way worse than the one I got when I had my garage sale back on June 13th. My back got it this time and I cant sleep, I can barely bend over, it literally feels like my skin is ripping off from my body. No exaggeration guys.....eww! Last night I had to put towels over my pillows and sleep with cold wash cloths on my back all night and I still barely slept. I am constantly cold because I am losing so much heat from my body through the burned area. It is horrible. I cant wear a bra, I cant wear any shirts but tank tops and they hurt really bad. So needless to say I am in veg mode until I can start to feel a little better. Hope everyone understands. I do have a long list of videos to do for you guys when I feel up to it though and I really think you guys are going to like them so stay tuned!
Love you hotties!!
And remember.......wear SUNSCREEN!

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