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Monday, January 3, 2011

Kick Ass Nailpolish Combo!

Hey galz...just messing around tonight with some of my nailpolish I came across this color combo and loved it so much I just had to do a blog post about it! I took pictures but my camera is horrible for picking up close up images and fine detail, but you can kindof get the idea of the color.

The two polishes used are the ELF polish in PARTY PURPLE and the Sinful Colors polish in LET ME GO. I am a huge fan of the ELF Party Purple..I think it has to be one of my favorite purples ever. The Sinful Colors polish I was on the fence about. It looks so pretty in the bottle but once you try putting it on your nails it is way to sheer to really get much of an impact with unless you literally probubly put on about six or seven coats of it. However, I do think it looks great OVER other polishes, especially Party Purple! Putting it over Party Purple really makes the greens in the Let Me Go polish pop alot more and of course there is a duo chrome effect to the polish so that paired with the dark purple of the ELF polish creates this really cool chameleon effect that was totally unexpected from me! I am in love with it! If you have these two polishes, I def recommend trying this out and seeing for yourself the awesome color!

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