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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Acne Miracle Cure!

I am in love with the Elf Zit Zapper!
My advice to any of you who are having problems with acne whether it be minor breakouts to the more major breakouts, would be to try this before going and spending money on anything else.
You can get this at for only $1.00! You get 2 fluid ounces.
I have been using this for about two months now. I have used it on minor acne as well as the more horrible acne that I normally get around my "aunt flow" time each month and on the minor acne if I use it before bed time, by morning it is almost always completely gone!
The more major acne takes longer than that to go away but still only takes about three days before it is almost completely gone and not noticable can you go wrong with that!
I have never noticed any drying of my face where I use this product either which is really nice.
It does not have a unpleasant odor, it smells like a very mild form or an astringent.
The only con to this product for me is also a pro for me......the packaging.
I love how it has the roller ball for quick and precise don't need to use cotton balls, or anything like that, just whip the zit zapper out and apply it. However, at the same time that also can cause bacteria buildup on the roller I just suggest doing what I do and that is getting some of the square alcohol pads *like the doc uses before they give you a shot to clean the area*, you can find them at any drugstores, and I just wipe the roller ball off after each use. It seems to work out great!
CLICK BELOW for the review video I did on this product:

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