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Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Nails....

I am in the process of once again "trying" to let my real nails grow out. I don't know how long it will last, but thought I would share the design I did on them tonight. I just used a black and hot pink polish and then the nail decals are from the Fingers EDGE Royal Punk Nail Art Collection. I really like them, they are pretty cute and really inexpensive. You can find them at Walmart.


  1. They look cute! I'm so many of my nails broke, I cut them all down to start again. I slacked off on taking the Biotin, and they all just turned so soft again! I'm using the falsies to keep them looking nice (they're so torn up right now) while they grow out, and going back to taking 4 Biotin a day again...

  2. I can understand girl..u see how horrible my natural nails are...I have tried to grow them out so many times but once I have the false nails off I just can't stand the look of my natural nails for more than three days...I thought this time if I kept them painted pretty that it would help, but nope, I lasted three days and now I have the false nails back on. I just love the false nails so much and I am so used to wearing them it is a nightmare when I don't have them on. I have stopped taking Biotin also. I have noticed for some reason, even though it says there are no known side effects with taking it, I have noticed that when I do take it, I have heart palpatations. When I stop taking it, I never have them. I dont know but I might take it again at some point but for now I am done with it.