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Friday, October 19, 2012

My Cleaning List

I get alot of ladies asking me about my cleaning schedule, cleaning list etc. I have spent alot of time trying to find a list, or trying to make one myself, that will work for me and that I can stick to. I found this one on Pinterest a few months ago and love it. I tweek it a bit here and there from time to time to suit my needs but for the most part this is the exact list I go by to clean. I find it extremely easy to follow and it gets everything taken care of. I really love this one.


  1. I have the kids clean for money. lol. Im gonna have to start this list for them. Thank you

  2. I can't wait until mine get old enough to know what money They are starting to catch on when grandma comes around she gives them dollars..and they know they get to spend that so it won't be long! lol

    1. lol. When my kids got old enough i started teaching them cause i figured they make the biggest part of the mess then can can help clean up.