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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 2012 Favorites!

I can't believe that October is almost over!! Seems like just last week I was saying the same thing about September. Wow! Time seems to be moving at crazy warp speeds now days. When I was a kid growing up it seemed like time stood still. What I wouldn't give for it to feel like that Anyway, as most of you all know by now, I have decided to quit youtube. I will not be changing my mind, it is a permanent decision. However, I still want to be able to share my ideas however goofy or irrelevant they may be sometimes with you all. Therefore, I will be doing that through my blog mostly but also through my Keek videos which for those who do not know what keek is, it is an app that you can get for your phone, OR you can visit the site online to watch the videos at, in which you can upload 36 second videos about anything you want. It is basically a cross between youtube and Instagram. I have my preferences set up to when I post a new keek video, it will also show up on my facebook. So if you want to add me there and you haven't already you can find the link to my page in the side bar. Ok, now on with the favorites!

Glade Winter Collection air freshner spray in Bayberry Spice. Bought this at my King Dollar but you could probably find it most any places that sell Glade. It is part of their winter collection so it may not have came out yet this year.

Better Homes wax tarts in Iced Raspberry Sangria
This I bought at Walmart in the candle isle $2 each!

LOVE these two! My house has smelled amazing using these two scents the past couple weeks! The glade really reminds me of that Christmas smell of pine mixed with a mulberry/raspberry cinnamon smell! The raspberry tarts smell just as good, they are on the stronger smelling side which I love but for those of you who have a problem with strong scents then this particular one might not be for you.

Pine Sol in Lavender Clean scent

Funny seeing a bottle of Pine Sol isn't it? lol But as I'm sure most of you know I actually love to clean. This has been my favorite thing to mop the floors with for the past four months! The smell of this is just completely refreshing, girlie, clean, just so many wonderful things all wrapped up in this bottle! I actually bought this at my dollar tree! Yep thats right so if you want to try it, it will only cost ya a buck!

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Youth Regenerating Skincare foaming gel cleanser. 
You can buy this at Walmart, possibly Ulta, Kmart, Target, most any drugstore. I'm not sure on the price because this was sent to me from one of my subbies.

I am in love! Yes oh yes! This stuff is fab! This is the reason why my face is completely clear right now and it's just two days before my girlie time. Let me just say something right now..THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE! lol Normally around that time my face breaks out horribly bad especially around my jaw line and bottom of my chin area. Not this time! I use this stuff every other day and it keeps my skin completely clear. I would HIGHLY recommend this if your looking for a facial cleanser. It is really delicate on your skin too, not harsh at all. I have had no over drying or anything. FYI I have combination skin.

Noxema Cleaner Blemish Control Foaming Wash
King Dollar $1.09

Now I know that the King Dollar is only here in Texas but I felt I needed to include this in my favorites because using this in addition to the product above has really cleared my face up almost completely. Meaning that, I have hardly no breakouts on my face at all and the ones I do have are so tiny that they are almost not even noticeable! You might still be able to find this in stores. My King Dollar just got this in stock so it may not be discontinued. Although my king dollar store does carry alot of discontinued products they also carry alot of products you can still find in the stores and this might be one of those products so like I said if your looking for a good face cleanser and you happen to see this in your Walmart, Target, drugstores, you might wanna give it a try. It is a foaming wash. Comes out in a white foam of course and lathers really nice. It's not harsh on your skin at all and I've had no over drying of my skin. I use this every other day. I alternate between this one and the L'oreal one above. After using it I always apply my normal moisturizer and it's been working out perfect!

Yes to Carrots rich moisture day cream.
Walmart $14.97 for a 1.7oz jar

I have used alot of facial moisturizers in the course of the last three years mainly and I will say that none of them can hold a candle to this one! I adore it! It leaves my skin so soft and has really helped even out my skin tone a little. Amazing moisturizer! I highly recommend this one. It's easy to find and a little bit goes A LONG WAY trust me so the price isn't bad at all because this is going to last you awhile. The only down side to this is the smell. It's not a horrible smell but it does remind me, and this is going to sound weird but it reminds me of the smell of an old book from the It's not overpowering though and it does go away amost immediately after you apply it onto your skin and rub it in.

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed face powder. 
Walmart $3.97

This pressed powder is my HG powder. It's the only powder I use now and will continue to use until they stop making this and I do not feel that way about alot of products but this one I do. I love this powder so much. It sets your makeup very nicely and it gives you that perfect matte flawless look! I have semi sensitive skin now as well and I've never had a problem.

TOP: Prestige My Blackest Lashes Mascara
You can buy this at Ulta or any other place they sell Prestige products.

Bottom: Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero
Once again any place that says Urban Decay; Sephora, Ulta or the urban decay website.

My eyes have become sensitive within the past year and both of these products have never given me any problems. The mascara is just the best mascara that I have ever used, honestly it is. The wand is really similar to the Covergirl lash blast wand *the orange tube* but a bit smaller. It really separates your lashes very well and it gives alot of volume *which is what I want* and even some length. So this is a mascara that I will stick with for awhile. The eyeliner is a great eyeliner for your waterline. It doesn't stay as well as the Milani liquif'eye liners do but there isn't that much of a difference. I have the Milani one as well and as most of you know, it has been in a couple of my past favorites videos but my eyes have since became very sensitive to that one and I can only wear it for about three hours before I have to take it off. With the urban decay 24/7 eyeliner I don't have to worry about that. I can wear it all day and never have any issues with it making my eyes water, burn, sting, etc like the Milani one does me now. It's a really nice eyeliner.

NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Big Apple Red Creme.
Anywhere NYC products are sold. Price is usually around $.93 cents!

I rediscovered this around the end of September and I have literally had this on my nails pretty much the entire month of October with the exception one time and that is right now and I have a traditional french manicure. This red is just perfect! This is my perfect red! It's so bright and pretty! And for the price how in the world can you not afford to have this in your collection!?

TOP: Vaseline lip therapy in Cocoa butter.
Got mine at Walgreens for $1.79

Bottom: Cherry Culture lip balm in Bubble Gum. I think they are .99 cents!

These two are hands down my favorite lip treatments. I love them both equally, ok well maybe not. I like the Vaseline one a little better but only because of the flavor. Both of them have the same texture and moisturize just as good as the other! Once again, the prices for these are just crazy affordable!

wet N Wild Mega Slicks lip gloss in #578 Sinless.
Walmart $1.79

I have been wearing this lip gloss like it's just the most luscious thing on earth! lol It is such a beautiful frosty pink color. For those who don't like frosty pearl type glosses then this one isn't for you. This color looks amazing when used with a brown smokey eye!

 Sephora lip gloss in Think Pink.
Of course you can buy this from Sephora and I'm not sure how much it cost because it was a gift.

This is my lip gloss that I always have with me. No matter where I go it's either in my purse or my pocket. It is so pretty. Has so much shimmer, not the chunky shimmer that makes you feel like you have been snacking on sand cakes but so fine that you can't even feel it on your lips! I love the texture, it's not sticky at all whatsoever and I love that. I hate sticky glosses! YUCK! It's a very sheer gloss with just a touch of pink.

 Rimmel Twist & Shine Lip Polish in Swinging.
Once again, this was a gift so I am not sure how much the price is but you can find these at most drugstores, Walmart, Target, etc.

The packaging of these remind me alot of the ELF $1.00 lip glosses which I also adore! I have been wearing this like crazy as well. Love the texture and the color is just such a pretty semi frost/pearl shimmer *I'm horrible at describing colors*, color and it also looks so pretty with smokey eyes especially gray smokey eyes.

Sally Girl eyeshadow in Fairy Pink.
You can get these at Sally Beauty Supply for $.99 cents! These are the ones where you can slide them together to make your own little eyeshadow palette.

This has seriously become a staple eyeshadow when I do any kind of smokey eye. This is the perfect frosty highlight color! I use it for my inner corner and just under the arch of my brow after I apply my normal matte highlight color which is often WNW Brulee. It gives me that touch of frostiness under my arch that I think looks so beautiful. This eyeshadow is really soft and very pigmented!

MAC eyeshadow in Sable.
Once again this was a gift so not sure of the price.
Any MAC counter, Sephora.

I adore this color! I have been using this eyeshadow in almost every look I have done within the past couple weeks. It's a great color if you have hazel eyes or green eyes because it is a purple~ish taupe color so it's really going to bring out the green in your eyes.

Jordana eyeshadow in Desert Spice. 
You can get these at most beauty supply stores, Walgreens, anywhere that sales Jordana products most always have these eyeshadows. Price usually is under $2.00

This shadow is the perfect transition color! I have been using it for that for almost every single smokey eye that I've done within the past couple weeks. It blends so nice. It is not a matte shadow, it's more of a satin and it's just a really beautiful color. Very pigmented, very soft texture.

Well that's it for October guys and gals. I hope that you enjoyed reading and seeing what my favorites were for this month. Please let me know by leaving a comment below if you like how I did the posting of my favorites, whether the layout, wording etc was easy to read. Also, if you have any suggestions on things I might need to change etc. I would love to hear them! Have a great fall everyone and a spooktacular Halloween! Be blessed! 


  1. Vee , U have amazing favorite , many of these are mine to , i love the wax warmer scent :) they rock and the prestige mascara , it is outta this world :)

  2. OMG I am so inlove with that mascara girl! lol It really is amazing. I have never shopped at Ulta before but you can bet your butt on butter that I'll be shopping there now if only to pick up that Thanks hun for reading! Am I subbed to your blog? hmmm I will go see!

  3. Great favorites. thanks for sharing with us.

  4. I'm glad you love that powder just as much as I do! Wasntvdute when I got for you if you'd like it.. I've got to get that vasaline stuff soon..good favs!

  5. just finished setting up my blog

  6. The eyeshadow reminds me of the wnwn single in penny (I think that is what it is... it's an orangey copper). I think they discontinued it this spring, but it's awesome for right now and people with eyes more on the gray/blue side.

  7. Yes I totally agree with you...that wnw eyeshadow is very pretty. I actually just saw it at my Walmart just a week or so ago.