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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The weight loss begins for real this time!!

Hey everyone.
Here is the place where I will be posting everything about my weight loss journey, which is going to start officially 8am on Monday August 24, 2009! I tried to loose some weight back in May but unfortuantely I didn't stick with it...BIG Suprise!...not really. I am hoping this time will be different though because I am a planner...I love making diagrams and charts and just mapping things out, schedules, etc. Sooo...I am hoping that by keeping such a detailed blog on the things I eat, calories, highs and lows that I have, that it might keep me motivated enough to actually stick with it. I am planning on exercising to some videos that I have...Hip Hop Abs and Total Body Sculpt I think it is called...every single day. I am feeling pretty motivated right now but thats because my ass isn't doing anything but sitting here blogging about the whole idea of it and picturing myself in skinny clothes again....we will see how I feel tomorrow after I get through my first day. I will be trying really hard to blog at least once a day pertaining to my weight loss...whether it be posting a picture of what I am eating for a certain meal, how I am feeling that particular day, etc....wish me luck guys and feel free to leave me comments on my posts if I say something that hits home with you or you see a pic that you feel like commenting on or just whatever. Well, guess thats to you guys tomorrow in what I hope is a new beginning to my new life!

Oh and I weighed myself at my mother in laws today....I won't be doing that often because I find that it doesn't really matter what the scale says, it's the inches that I want to loose. I want to tone up, I don't care if the scale says I weigh 250lbs..if I look good, that is all that matters to me and of course that I am living as healthy as possible. But..I will weigh myself probubly at least once a month maybe twice...I need to go buy some scales though...since this is the first post in my weight loss is my starting! tuned!

P.S. I am still going to be doing makeup blogs on here also....I will always make sure that any posts about my weight loss is in WHITE font ok. That way they will be easier to find for those of you who are only interested in my weight loss or for those who are only following me strictly for the makeup part of my blog.

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