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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weightloss: Day #2

Ok there is one thing I learned from yesterday....
And there is one thing I have learned so far today.....

Yesterday, it became very apparent to me at the end of the day (before dinner) that this whole calorie counting thing was not going to work for me. You guys saw what I ate yesterday and how many calories that it was, well there is no way I could have eaten a decent dinner last night without going over on my calories for the day. OMG, by last night I was starving. I think I could have eaten the side out of a water buffalo if I had one infront of me. I know me..and I know my body, there is no way that I am going to stick with this if I make every single day like yesterday. I know that my body has to adjust to a new eating schedule and habit, but my goodness that was a little extreme for me yesterday. So, I have decided since I don't want to give up once agian that I am not longer going to calorie count. That method just isn't for me. However, I have came up with a new way to monitor how much I am eating through the day and to control my portion sizes but still be able to eat whatever I is what I plan on doing...

1.Eat my food on smaller the small dinner plates, the step up from saucers.

2. Do not eat anything past 8pm every night...and drink only water past that time.

3. Chocolate is a BIG downfall for I am going to try my hardest to not eat any chocolate during the week, and then on the weekends I will allow myself to have some chocolate kindof like a treat for myself. It will be hard and if I see that I find myself getting discouraged because I feel deprived (it is very important that you don't feel deprived because then you are not going to stick with it) that I am going to go out and buy some of those 100 calorie packs of snacks and just eat one of those.

4. I also plan on trying my best not to fry anything! Now some of you probubly think that it wouldn't be a big deal for you, but for someone like me who was raised around nothing but that type of food, trust is a HUGE deal!

5. I am going to try to drink at least 5-7 9ounce bottles of water a day. Drinking water helps so much and I am not big on it, but I think that this particular rule could possibly be the one that benefits me the most in the beginning.

6. I will exercise at least three times a week..hopefully more, but three times is my minimum goal...UNLESS I already have a activity planned for the day to where I will be up moving around alot, like today I have to clean house all day so that will be my exercise for today. It is a proven fact that you can burn alot of calories by just doing simple housework, making your bed, vaccuuming, dishes, mopping, dusting, etc.

So that is how I stand today. I will blog more tomorrow, or maybe today if anything new comes up.

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