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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weightloss: Day #3

Hey everyone.
The rest of yesterday went ok. I did manage to drink 4 9ounce bottles of water yesterday, and being that I personally don't drink water at all...I think that was really good for me. Last night for dinner I did splurge more than I should have, but I guess I could have eaten alot worse than I did. I actually ate a bowl and a half of chilli. BUT...I am not going to be to hard on myself because so far this week I have had NO that is a HUGE thing for me! I am very proud of myself on that one. That in itself I am sure will make a big difference. Today my goal is to drink at least 5 bottles of water and gradually go up a bottle each day until I am drinking at least 7-8 bottles of water a day. I am also still ONLY drinking Diet Mountain Dew when I do drink pop...which has 0 calories..0 carbs and 0 sugars. I can tell a difference so far not so much with my weight but in certain small things like how I am sleeing at night. I think for the past two nights, especially last night...I have been sleeping more soundly I find. I don't find myself tossing and turning nearly as much as before and I am guessing that the water is the cause for that because like I said, I don't normally drink water..I just drink the Diet Mountain Dew and the caffeine I am sure doesn't help with my sleeping, so I am really pleased with that change I have saw so far. So overall, I think I am still doing really good, the only thing that I am not happy with is the fact that I haven't managed to get any exercises done this week yet, and I have deffinately had ample time to do them every day so far, but just haven't. So that is my fault and hopefully I can kick myself in the ass before to long and get those going also. Anyway, here is what I have eaten so far today....

2 sandwiches of toasted wheat bread with a little butter & tomato (no nothing)

2 sandwiches of toasted wheat bread w/a little butter & tomato

For dinner tonight I am going to be eating a taco salad..there will be sour cream and cheese on it as well as hamburger...but after eating virtually NO calories in my food for breakfast or lunch, I think eating taco salad for dinner will be ok.

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