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Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun Ideas for Christmas Decorating!

Christmas has always been one of my most favorite holidays! I have always enjoyed decorating and putting up the tree. One of my favorite things to do every Christmas is to sit around the tree late at night after everyone has gone to bed, no lights but the lights on the tree and just listen to some nice soft Christmas music and reflect on how blessed I truly am. It seems like around the Christmas holiday things become so much clearer in the sense that you really start to focus and pay attention to the small things in life and sit back and really enjoy them more. I wish it could be like that all year around, not sure why it couldn't, sometimes the world really gets in the way and becomes one big nasty distraction.  

Anyway, I am really looking forward to decorating this year for Christmas because I plan on making a lot of our decorations. I have never did this before and I think that it would be something really fun to start doing with the kids. We normally decorate for Christmas, put up our tree and everything the day after Thanksgiving. It is one of our family traditions *I'll share more of those with you guys in another blog post*. So, that time is only like three weeks away so I have been on Pinterest of course pinning away quite a few fun little things I have seen & I can't wait to start on them! I wanted to share some of the things I have found that I will be attempting to make this year for our decor. I am crossing my fingers that everything comes out cute enough to use because I'm not an extremely crafty 

Here are some of the things I am planning on making. If you make anything for your decor, leave me a comment below and share with me, I would love to hear! 

 We do this every year for the kids because of course we don't have a traditional fireplace for Santa to come down but we always just had them to put the key under the mat on Christmas Eve night before they went to bed. When I saw this I thought it was such a cute idea and will make it more special because the kids can actually pick out the ribbon to use for the bow and help make it as well! 

I thought these ornaments would be so cute to make for our tree! They are simple enough to where the kids can help, if not make them on their own and then save them to use every year. I am sure each year that we use them the memories we made making them the first year will be just amazing to experience over and over!

I completely fell inlove with both of these window treatments! They look so easy to do it's almost like..why didn't I think of that already! lol I love what the lights in the bottom picture look like behind the sheer curtains. Those curtains are the exact same as the ones I currently have up in our livingroom so it will be perfect! I thought the hanging bulbs would look really cute in our kitchen & bedroom windows. 

Normally every year we just put up outside lights and then a wreath on the front door, but after seeing how cute these look I'm for sure making these this year to also put outside to line our walkway with!

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things I am planning on making this year for decor. I think they all look fairly simple especially for someone like me who isn't that great with 
I will see you all in my next blog post & I hope your holiday season is filled with many blessings! 



  1. I can't wait to start

  2. I want that standard candle in my front room all year round, just waiting to start my sitting room decorating and il find a way eventually xxx

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