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Friday, November 9, 2012

Late Night Organizing & Rearranging

Today was a very exhausting day. Not to mention very stressful for me. Sooo needless to say, how do I deal with stress? No, I don't go out to have a drink. No, I don't go shopping *well, maybe not this time :)*. No, I don't go out and party. I am weird. I am To relieve my stress I rearrange furniture and organize. So after dinner tonight I decided that I was going to rearrange certain areas of my bedroom and organize some things. I originally planned to do this soon anyway because I needed to make adjustments and take care of some lighting issues when it came to filming videos when I come back next year and start making videos again. I needed to put my makeup area  near my window so that I could use the natural light to film tutorials with instead of the lamps that I had been using. I was so tired of the colors being off and everything just not looking the same in the video as it did when I would take pictures of the look. I'm hoping that now I have the problem taken care of.

I still have some other things to take care of concerning my videos before I do come back. Like I said already, I really want to not only take this time to get everything in my personal life taken care, focus on more family time, but also use this time to fine tune so to speak how I do my videos when I come back. I am still learning when it comes to making videos and although my videos won't be as grand as alot of youtubers, I know for a fact that they can be better than the ones I was putting out before. I have a whole list of things I want to do to hopefully better my videos and make them more enjoyable and more informational for you guys.

Anyway, it's been a very long tiring day and I'm ready for dreamland but below are some pictures of my new areas that I rearranged tonight. Have a very blessed weekend everyone!

I just had to take a pic of this little table. I love it! 
So cutsie poopsie!

 This is now my new makeup area. The window is pretty big so I should have some really good natural lighting for my tutorials. After watching pinksofoxy's organization videos, I went through all of my stuff and got rid of alot of makeup especially. I used to have about four drawers of just makeup items and now I have only the top drawer in this dresser and what yous see on top. I am very proud of myself! 

 I had so much crap hanging on the back of my door. I still do have alot of stuff on it but now I just have my most reached for purses and my favorite fall/winter pink fuzzy know it's fab! lol 

 This wall used to have the big dresser on it, the one I'm not using for my makeup area that I put infront of the window. I like it so much better this way because it frees up alot of walking room around our computer which we didn't have before and let's face it, in a small place like ours free space is good

This is the top of our printer. I just snapped this random pic, not sure why but thought I would throw it in. It's pretty cute. 

This used to be the place where I did my makeup. However the lighting just wasn't cutting it and despite the fact that I adore this vanity more than using a silly old dresser as a vanity, I couldn't move this one infront of the window because the big mirror on the back would have completely blocked out the window all together. Therefore, I had to just put some pretty stuff on the top of this one and use the silly old 

Nitie Nite! 


  1. Ommmmmgggg!!!!! I do the same thing when I'm stressed, and my parents and my freinds think I'm so strange for doing that, finally I found someone that does the same

  2. It is very relaxing isn't it and not to mention you still feel very accomplished. lol Thanks for reading!!

  3. pinksofoxy had that whittleing down effect on me too vivi, it feels like the right time to cut back and start putting more stuff away or giving it away.
    I made a start but will go at it big time after the holidays.
    Much love xxx