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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just another Glamorous Day as a Mommy.

I literally just took this picture so now you can see what I look like while I'm talking to you ;)

I am currently taking a much needed break. One of the very few I have gotten today. This morning I had to be up by 5am in order to get myself ready before the kiddos got up at 7am because we had a very early doctors appointment. It's so crazy running around trying to get myself and the kids dressed and the diaper bag ready (yes, I still carry a diaper bag. Although there isn't any diapers in it I still use it to carry all the things I need out of my purse, snacks for the kids, wipes, an extra change of clothes for each kid etc because ya never know when your gonna need that kindof stuff when it comes to little munchkins) and make sure that they eat breakfast before we leave, everyone goes for their "just in case" pee and ready to leave. Ugh, that part alone is exhausting! LOL After the doc visit of course I had to make an unplanned trip to another hospital to pick up some records, and finally we were able to make it home in time for me to make lunch. While the kids were eating I started cleaning. There was plenty to cleanup after a morning of caos trying to get out the door on time. I was able to get all the cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting done in addition to also rearranging my kitchen, cabinets etc. I was very pleased with myself. :) By the time lunch was over and cleaning was done it was nap time for my babies. While they napped I had a lot of paperwork to work on and some phone calls to make to take care of some other business. By the time I got that done they kids were waking up from their nap, so I just finished making them a little snack and they are watching one of their favorite cartoons Peppa Pig. I figured before I have to start dinner that I would take a break and make me a nice big cappuccino and talk to you guys. ;) After dinner I'll have more cleanup to do and then I gotta workout ( 1 pound away from loosing all the weight I had gained back and getting back on track!), then bathtime and bedtime for the kids and shower for me then hopefully if I'm lucky I will be able to stay awake long enough to get some reading in.

Sheww! I'm exhausted just reading that...LOL It's not always the most glamorous job being a mommy but it sure is the most rewarding!! How did your day go? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Have ya started your Christmas shopping yet? We have picked up a few things for the stockings but nothing major yet. I'm hoping we get a chance to this weekend plus we are taking the kids to get a Christmas tree! Saturday is also our town's big holiday parade! I love this time of year!!
Well, time to make dinner. Hope you all are having a very blessed week!!


  1. I really like the fonts you use on this page. Looking good. Thanks for sharing.

    Started something new over a week ago, and still a bit nervous about it, but I think it will become easier as time moves and I have more experience under my belt.

  2. I enjoy your blogs. Sad to see you go on youtube but I really am thankful for all you do. Especially the cooking videos!! :)

  3. Aww thank you Carmen, I appreciate that. I am just taking a break from youtube. I recently announced that I have decided to come back after the first of the year. I'm excited. I miss you all very much!