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Sunday, November 4, 2012

LA Colors $1 Lipsticks

I wanted to do a blog post on these lipsticks because I have had them for awhile now and I really enjoy them. They are so inexpensive. Most dollar tree stores have one or more of these and they are just an all around great lipstick. 

I find that they go on really nice. Certain colors go on a little better than others but for the most part all of them are pretty nice. 
I really like that they don't settle into the lines on your lips. 
My lip are horrible when it comes to wearing lipsticks. I find that most lipsticks settle into my lines and just make my lips look really gross. However, these lipsticks have never did that. Most of the time I don't even wear lip gloss with them because they are not drying at all. I have never had any problems with the packaging as far as lids coming off while in my purse or anything like that or lids cracking. I think for the most part these are a great find and most certainly worth a buck! 
So if you see them, pick one up and give it a try. Below are the pictures of the ones I have. I have taken pics of them with the flash and without so hopefully you can get a good idea of the true colors on each one. 

This one is my favorite out of the 5 I have. 
This one reminds me so much of an old Avon lipstick that I loved when I was in high school, it was called Shimmering Shell. 

This one is a very pretty pink color. I really love this color, however this is one that I don't wear that often just because it doesn't go extremely well with my skintone. I find that I can only pull it off when I have a brown smokey eye and wear bronzer and a more mauve blush. 

This red lipstick is HOT! This is my go to red lipstick believe it or not.
*and I do have quite a few red lipsticks*
It is the most moisturizing out of the ones I have and seems to last the longest. 
This is a more orangish base red tone as opposed to a more blue based red. 

Love this one as well but as you can see from the pictures, this one is the least pigmented out of the ones I have. It would show up better on someone who doesn't have really pigmented lips. My lips are really pigmented naturally so this color barely shows up on me. 

My second favorite out of the ones I have and my second most worn! 
This is just an overall gorgeous color that works well with my skin tone and most eyeshadow combinations. It is a more mauve lilac/pinkish purple color. It does have a frost/pearl finish. 

Well that's it. I guess overall thought on these are that they are very worth the price and then some and I would most certainly recommend these. So if you see them in your dollar tree GRAB THEM UP LIKE A GREMLIN! lol 


  1. The satin sure is pretty hun, thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Thanks for reading Wen! Yes, the Satin is for sure my fav out of the ones I have!

  3. These look amazing :) I must go find them !

  4. They are normally always in the dollar tree. They may not always have all of the ones I listed at one time but they do usually have at least two or three different ones.