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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lions, Tigers & Spiders?? Oh My!

Well today was not such a fun day :( My little prince was apparently bitten by what we now think was a wolf spider (very scary looking & aggressive but not life threatening) and he had a bad reaction to the bites. One was on the top of his foot, the other was on the backside of his ankle on the same foot. The area got really red and started to spread. Although he was acting fine and the bite areas were not painful, it still scared me to death and I immediately made an appointment with his pedi today.

I'm happy to report now that both areas are starting to look a lot better. The doctor told me to give him children's Zyrtec at bedtime and just put hydrocortizone (*sp?) on the areas, which I was already doing. I'm so happy to see that he is going to be ok. It is not fun when our little ones feel bad or are in pain or have something like that happen to them.

Anyway, I'll talk to you all tomorrow. It's Friday!



  1. Aww I hope he's doing better now! Thats so scary.
    We get huge wolf spiders that come up on our front porch all the time and im terrified of spiders, i do have to say one thing these spiders try to fight back when you kill them! ewww i just avoid them cause that's what husbands are for! haha

  2. Oh my gosh I know!! They are soo scary! This one thankfully was only about the size of a quarter. Still bigger than what I like them but I'm just glad I was able to find it and get rid of it. Thank u so much for your well wishes for him hun, I appreciate that so much!