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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

REVIEW: Goo Gone


An oil based cleaning product. It has been on TV infomercials before. I haven't seen it on there in a very long time though. It smells so amazing. Just like real oranges, not cheap orange smell either. Comes in a 3fl. oz bottle with a twist off cap.


I found this product at my local Dollar Tree store, of course it was only $1.oo. At the time I first saw this product there about a year ago I found it in the automotive section. I remembered it from the TV infomercials so figured I would give it a try. You know how those informercials are, always claiming products are so "amazing" and work miracles and then after you get them they don't do half as much as what the infomercial promised OR the operation of the product itself is so complicated that it either takes you forever to figure out OR you end up tossing it to the side and forgetting about it. Being as this was only a dollar though, I did pick it up. I must say that it certainly amazed me! This product is truely a miracle worker! I have since purchased 5 more bottles of this product because I just don't ever want to be without it. It is now found in my cleaning section of my dollar tree back where the mops and things are.

This product has removed permanent marker from my walls with just a few swipes, it has removed black marks from my floors with just a swipe of a paper towel, it removes soap scum from my faucets, crayon, it removes those annoying stickers they they always put on items we purchase or that our kids seem to want to apply to every surface in our It removes those with complete ease. I still can't believe how well this product works! I honestly just can't say enough wonderful things about this product without sounding like an annoying informercial as So check it out if you see it!


I would most certainly recommend this to anyone, especially those of us who have kids. It is a MUST HAVE household cleaner IMO!
It smells so nice.
The price is amazing!
It takes very little product to get the job done so a bottle will last you for a long time.
Very easy to come by, most discount stores have it now.

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