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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Omg this can't be real??!!!

NASA have stated that an event in which a large object known as K3-ZED smashed into the gas giant Jupiter, has dislodged one of the planets moons from its orbit around the planet.

In a press conference given to select journalist a spokesman named Walt Gaines described the event and the possible scenarios that may pan out over the coming months or years.

He said: "Several months ago an object NASA named K3-ZED hurtled into the surface of Jupiter causing a seismic disturbance of gigantic proportions," he went on: "NASA have monitored the event and recently found some frightening statistics and information regarding the event."

Apparently when the object hit the surface of Jupiter an enormous plume of gas was expelled in the direction of one of the planets moons which sparked an explosion. Similar to that of a gas explosion seen here on Earth but in "cosmic proportions", the spokesman explained.

One French reporter interrupted the NASA official and asked if the gas explosion had caused any physical scarring on Jupiter and if so, is there any pictures for the press. Mr. Gaines then stooped to speak to another NASA official who was sat behind him and there was a moment of silence.

Mr. Gaines then came back to his position in front of the press and said: "There are many pictures that will be made available within the next few days of the event and the consequent aftermath. It is that aftermath that NASA is monitoring very carefully at the moment."

The spokesman continued: "NASA have found that one of the larger moons which they are not disclosing just yet has been forced off its trajectory by quite a great distance sending the moon careering into our Solar System."

"What I can tell you is that this moon is not one of the smaller moons, NASA is saying this moon is over 3000km in diameter."

There was another moment of silence as the spokesman composed himself and took a deep breath.

He then stated: "The current situation is that this celestial body is moving at a high speed having been caught in the gravitational pull of our sun. The trajectory of this moon will take it on a course that will pass very closely to our moon." He continued: "NASA have come back with several mathematical scenarios and all of them point to this event actually passing the moon so closely that it is believed that we could see a collision of some form."

There was a moment of reaction in the room as journalists jostled for answers to their questions, one reporter asking: "How long are we looking at, and what will the likely outcome be here on Earth?"

The spokesman gave this answer: "NASA simply does not know, but we could be looking at large scale damage of our moon, if not a full on collision. NASA speculates that if this is to happen then the ramifications here on Earth would be disastrous to say the least. What we are looking at here is a global disaster like nothing seen since the time of the great extinction, which is one possible scenario."

"We are looking at a time frame of between three and a half to four years."

One Mexican journalist named Juan shouted from the back of the room: "Is this Nibiru?"

Mr. Gaines replied: "It certainly does closely tie in with the 'Mayan Calendar' year of 2012, but to speculate over Nibiru is absurd - you could say it is purely a coincidence."

"We must take stock of what is happening and begin to prepare for an event that will change our planet forever. More information will follow within a few days; I thank you for your time and patience."

And with that Mr. Gaines left the room with reporters demanding more answers.

This story will update.

This story is fiction....not real....but that's not the point. The point us, how did it make you feel? What if this were real? To think that something like this couldn't happen is ludicrous...our planet is no better than the rest. We are all just giant balls flying through an endless blackness just praying that we don't run into something else or vice versa. When I first read this I'll be honest, I did believe it. It scared the shit outta me. The thought of not seeing my babies grow up & thinking of what an end they would have to endure because of a scenario like this was almost to much to bear for me and I did start to feel physically ill. However, I got an immediate rush of relief, elation, and gratefulness after reading that the article was infact just a short story and I felt so happy in that moment almost like I really had been given a second chance at life. My whole point of doing a blog post on this was to express just how sad it is that it takes something like this to make us think its all being taken away before we really start to appreciate and think about the things in our life that really matter. That's just wrong, but it is my hope that this was just as much of a wake-up call for you as it was for me. Now go hug your loved ones and tell them how much you love them....I did.

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