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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paranormal Witness

Ok who has seen this show? I am watching it right now. Apparently the new season started last week. It's on the SyFy channel. Right now they are talking about the Entity case. Everyone remember that movie? Yeah, I saw it back in the day and it scared the pants off me. Seeing this show feature her story years later still has the same effect on me. I could never imagine being put through such torment on a daily basis by something that you could not see to fight back! It's just so crazy when you try and wrap your brain around the weirder things in life. I know some of you reading this may not believe in such things and its not my job nor do I want it to be my job to try and convince you. However, just remember one thing, just because you don't believe in something or are in denial about something doesn't mean it doesn't exist or is any less of truth.

Next weeks episode looks equally menacing so I'll set my DVR! For those of you who have seen this show let me know your thoughts on it. Also, let me know what your favorite paranormal shows are!

Would also love to hear of any real life paranormal encounters you may have had! Maybe, I'll even share some of mine in a very near future blog post. Afterall, Halloween is upon favorite holiday!

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