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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Updated: My Favorite Android Apps

Hey everyone! Hope your Sunday was a fun day filled with many blessings! Today was a semi productive day for me and the rest of the day was a fun day. I got the house back in order today and then managed to make out the grocery list and menu for shopping tomorrow evening. The rest of the afternoon we took the kids to spend their allowance and then I came home and made homemade personal pan pizzas for dinner and we enjoyed eating those while watching numerous episodes of Peppa Pig, Pocoyo, and Dora the Explorer. Fun Sunday!

Now on to what this blog post is supposed to be favorite Android apps! Just for the record once again, I do have an Android phone. It's an HTC Incredible. All of the apps I'm going to mention are FREE apps because I do not trust the market enough to actually give my credit card info to pay for an app. Not only that but most paid apps you can just get for free by going to and typing in the exact name of the app and then putting .apk after the name and searching it. Then download it and vola, it's yours..FREE!

I'm going to start doing blog posts on this topic instead of videos which I have did in the past on my channel because my new camera doesn't focus in and show my phone screen as well as my old camera did so it would just almost pointless for me to waste your time with a video about something that you could hardly see. So, I'll just do blog posts on my favorite apps about once every four to six months or so.

With all that being said, here we go....I hope you all enjoy and please leave me a comment telling me what your favorite apps are as well!

1. Camera 360: This app is of course my number one because it is just an amazing camera app, especially if your into taking pictures. I use this app *and only this app, despite what some may "assume" they know* for all of my pictures that I take of my makeup. I use the filter called Magic Skin. There are numerous other filters on this app that you can apply to your pictures like LOMO, RETRO, HDR, Enhance, Tilt Shift and many more. There are even a few fun filters like add a ghost to your picture, or a filter to where you can give yourself a big head. All in all I say IMO this is a must have app!

2. Keek: I love this app alot. I actually found this on a whim one day and decided to try it out and now it is an app that I will always have on my phone. Basically what it is, is an app that is a cross between youtube and instagram. You can record 36 second videos for your followers to watch. They of course can be about anything. I love using this app for random things like posting vids on cute things I see in the stores, or driving or foods that I'm eating or making, upcoming videos on my channels etc. Your followers can like the videos and also leave you comments under them. They can also record their own videos in response to one of your videos and that is called Keek back. It's just a reallyl fun handy app to stay in touch with all your friends. If you download it, search my name, MissVeronyka on there and follow me and I'll follow you back!

3. Add Watermark Free: This app is wonderful to have for anyone wanting to watermark their pictures. It has many settings, fonts etc and I love it.

4. Call Recorder: A great app to record phone calls. I have actually used this in the past. It comes in very handy if your wanting to keep a record of a important conversation or anything like that. You can record the other person talking and yourself talking and then save it on your phone. It works great and the quality of the recording is actually pretty good.

5. DroidIris: This is my favorite app to get all my wallpapers for my phone. It is basically a search engine that lets you type in what you want and you can search many search engines for images that relate to what you typed in. This app never fails to give me beautiful wallpapers!

6. Funny Videos: This is an app that I have had on my phone for quite sometime and I don't ever see myself taking it off. It keeps me sane when I am There are tons of videos on this app, all from youtube, that users put on here. There are more than just funny videos, there are serious ones, hilarious ones, scary videos..just any kind of videos you can imagine that you would have a hard time weeding through the crap ones on youtube to find, well they are easy to find on here! Highly recommend this app if nothing but for something to do in your down time.

7. Google Reader: Love this app! Lets you read all your blog subscriptions and sites and more in one app.

8. History Eraser: A MUST HAVE! This app erases browser history, old phone calls, text messages, app cache, alot of stuff with just the touch of a button. Keeps your phone clean and running smooth.

9. Recipe Search: I have had so many recipe apps on my phone over the course of the last eight months or so and I have always ended up uninstalling them but this app has been on my phone from the very beginning and I have gotten so many wonderful easy recipes from this app. Some of which, I have made cooking videos on! So try this app out if your looking for some good recipes!

10. Scanner Radio: Love this! You can listen to all the police scanners, fire and rescue services in your area and any other state!

11. Simple Weight Recorder: I love this app to keep record of my weighins every day. It is simple, doesn't take up that much space on your phone and helps you remember what you weighed yesterday or two months ago. I really like it.

12. SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump: This app is a launcher panel overlay. I would be lost without it! With a single swipe of your finger, you can launch anything from within any app! You don't have to always go back to your home screen to launch a new app if your already in another app. There is no way I could do without this app now. I love it. And always a big plus for me, it doesn't require alot of space on your phone.

13. The Twilight Saga Collection: This has all of the twilight books in one app! Thats right, you heard me correctly! So, if you have never read them *shame on you!* you could download this app and have all four books at your fingertips. Stephanie Meyers book The Host is also included in this app and the short story of Edward's point of view in the first Twilight book called Midnight Sun is also included, how can you go wrong!

Ok everyone, that is it for this updated favorite apps. 13 sounds like a great number to stop Now before I go, I just want to let you all know about three youtubers that I watch who make videos on android apps. These three guys are the best IMO of course out of all that I have ever watched *and I have watched many*. They review apps for you and show you how to work them, let you know which are the best and which you might find useful and so much more. So on the closing note, I will leave you with the links to their channels so you can go sub if you choose to. Hope your Monday is blessed! xoxo, Vee

3 Great Android App Reviewers on Youtube: *he is my favorite!*



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