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Monday, August 6, 2012

REVIEW: ImPress Nails


Ok for those who haven't heard of these nails before or seen them, here is a little run down of what they are. 
These nails are basically press on nails. They already have the glue on the inside of the nails. All you have to do is press them on. The package claims that these nails will stay on up to one week, now whether they mean a business week or a full 7 day week, I guess that's up for determination. 


My first initial impression was one of awe, but only because of the design of this particular set of nails. I am a huge animal print fan especially zebra print and pink is my favorite color so these basically equaled Heaven to me. 
After that of course I had tried preglued nails like this in the past and they didn't work at all. All preglued nails are a pain to scrape the glue off the back and the glue that they put on them never ever held on me longer than an hour. I have tried using superglue with them but of course both glues combined basically canceled one another out so it's never been a great experience for me using preglued nails. 
However, after I applied these nails *which btw the application was so easy my fish could do it*, I was impressed because it seemed right away that they were holding alot better than any other preglued nails I had tried. Now, please keep in mind that I did use super glue with these when I applied them and did not remove the glue on the backs of the nails that came on them. The reason I decided to do it this way was because I wanted to really put them to the test to see if they would work that way. 
After application they seemed to really be on my nails extremely well. I was very excited! However, after about twenty minutes of wearing them I noticed something else about them...they were extremely flexible nails. Meaning, they were bending on me at the slightest pressure I would put on them. NOT GOOD! 
I decided to leave them on and just see if maybe the flexibility that I was experiencing was all in my head because they still seemed to me doing really well at being secure on my nails. 
To make this review as short as possible I'll just say that these nails not only bent back on me alot because of how flexible they were but within an hour of me putting them on they started separating from my natural nails and moving around. 
So needless to say it wasn't difficult to remove them right then and there. 
Application took about five minutes and they lasted on my nails about an hour. 


I would NOT buy these nails ever again. 
I would NOT recommend these nails to a child let alone an adult. 
These nails are absolutely not worth the price they are...WAY OVER PRICED!

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  1. I thought these nails were cute...but i can't see myself spending $7 or so for nails that probably wont last me two days....:( why someone would pay that much for something that wouldn't last I don't know