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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starting fresh & new....again...

I have been so out of the loop the past few months. Something came up three months ago, which I am unable to really talk about, that I started working on and putting most of my attention to and besides family life, I pretty much put everything else on the back channel, my weightloss, all of it. So, today I am getting back at it. This time I really want to focus on changing all aspects of my life and not just a few things. Of course I wanna get the weightloss going again but I also wanna continue to work in the inner me. I still have a lot of work there to do for sure! I also wanna focus on getting a better routine & schedule worked out for our family. I work better from schedules. I found some great ones to print off on Pinterest today. You can search MissVeronyka on Pinterest and find them in my folder labeled "Lists & Schedules". Once I settle into a schedule and routine mostly with the kids throughout the week, then I will ne doing an extensive video on it about the parts that I found helpful and worked for me and then what didn't work out so well. So, that all being said I'm sure you all will understand if the videos are still at a minimum for awhile. It is my hope that when I can start making videos regularly again that the change in not only my outward appearance will be different but also you all will be able to see the change within myself as well and maybe I can inspire others to do the same. Let's face it, every single one of us needs to work on something in our life. Anyway, guess that's all for today. I'll talk to you all again soon!


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